Wichita is the biggest city of State of Kansas and it is also the 49th largest state of the USA. Situated in the south central part of Arkansas, this city is also the county seat of the Sedgwick County and the main city of the Wichita metropolitan area. Being an industrial hub as well as the biggest city in the state of Kansas, Wichita stands as the area center of media, culture and trade. This city hosts a few theaters, large museums, entertainment venues and parks all around this city.
The popular tourist destinations of this city are: old Cowtown museum, Orpheum Museum, Exploration place, Museum of World Treasures, Intrust Bank Arena, Wichita Art Museum etc.

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Destinations USA; Welcome to Oakland


Oakland is a port city situated on the West Coast in the United States of America. It’s the 3rd largest city and makes for the busiest port in San Francisco Bay. It had been integrated in the year 1852 and currently serves as the County seat of Alameda County. The city has emerged as one of the most attractive travel destinations of the United States of America and promises a series of posh restaurants, attractive nightlife appeal and leading music venues. The city positioned between Bridgeport and Boston has significant economical presence with a median household earning of $51,863 in the year 2012. The chief tourist attractions here are Chabot Space and Science Center, Lake Merritt, Oakland Museum of California, Jack London Square, Oakland Zoo and others.

About Shuttle Bus Services
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Destination USA; New Orleans

New Orleans

The famous New Orleans city, situated in the US state of Louisiana has been named after the Duke of Orleans who had ruled as the Regent for Louis XV during the period extending from 1715 to 1723. Located in southeastern Louisiana spanning the Mississippi, the city and Orleans Parish are flanked by the parishes of St Bernard to the east, St Tammany to the north, Jefferson to the south and west and Plaquemines to the south.
The city is a fairly popular tourist destination and known for its music, cuisine and annual festivals and ceremonies. In fact, it holds a special significance in the world of music since it is the birthplace of jazz. The primary tourist attractions of the city include:

• The French Quarter
• Aquarium of the Americas
• Audubon Zoo
• City Park
• Jackson Square

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Summer Reflections

Summer shows of relaxation

The high temperatures of the summer brings to a life a yearning for more fun than usual which can only be found in music or sports of one’s fancy. As music enjoys a universal acceptance, it is better enjoyed when the holidays are at its peak and you really want to put the dreary thoughts of colder times beyond you by having all the fun in the sun. Musical shows are better enjoyed in the sun with its golden rays bathing you lovingly and the breeze hitting the notes home.
These shows are a good avenue of show casing greenhorns and enjoying life performances from favorite act at fee or no charge at all. All kinds of sounds will be played from the archaic or classics to latest beats and sounds of our time. As you can not spend all day in bed, with friends or just tanning get idyllic with music and You’ll get more than you bargained for; vitamin D and lots of tension relief.

If your idea of a concert is the outdoors, then you must be prepared to fight the negative effects of the sun. Ensure you wear sunscreen and reapply as often as you deem necessary. Don’t get carried away by the sound to the detriment of your health. Your hat shouldn’t be far from you. Do all you can to avoid sunburns by protecting yourself to the maximum?

As your pack your bag for that concert, do not leave bottles of water or unsweetened juice behind, they could be lifesaving in the heat. The sun and fun will dehydrate you and iced teas with coffee are poor choices of hydrants. If you’ll go in concert with kids ensure they will be well-provided for before leaving your house to avoid running around.

Aside attending musical concerts you can also pursue your dreams in music or any other activity you fancy.
You can also choose to watch other sporting game too; it’s a season of unlimited choices explore as much as your pocket permits.
Though the days are usually sunny, the rains can come to spice up the fun. It is an incredible feeling to have the rain replaces the sun, heat giving way to coolness. You can prepare for it with umbrellas and ponchos.
You could also take an ample opportunity of the period to learn a thing or two about musical shows rather than just remaining a spectator year in year out.

You could utilize the different shows in different cities and states to see your friends in those places and also hook up with them. Music is more fun in groups. Do not delay any chance of fun till another time because the same opportunity might not present itself in the future.

Summer concerts are more fun because of the variety of choice, diversity of shows or performances, the weather, and it’s most essential ingredient, time for exploration in surplus quantity. Attend as many as you can to enjoy the summer to its fullest and have wonderful memories to keep you in the colder months get your groove on!

It is Summer Across the Globe

Relaxation spots for Summer Across the Globe

Summer getaways are ideal escape routes to the regular hustle and bustle of every day life. With plenty of sun and breeze, you can enjoy the best of the season no matter where you decide to go with this write-up as your guide. Here are some places that are for your delightful and relaxing pleasure this summer.

One of the spots that can never be outdated is the Caribbean. Bermuda is a land of ancient beauties that leave a soothing emotion on its visitors. It is a two hour trip from Boston, Philadelphia and New York. A hut colony accommodation from another era has a soothing and relaxing effect that is better experienced than narrated. If you want more fun take Ferry rides; it gives you ample opportunity to interact with local folks and is more welcome to getting lost on a moped along Bermudan narrow roads.

Puerto Rico is another place fun seekers will find an overdose of excitement that would thrill them all the way. Feel your blood rate accelerate with a journey to camui caves or savor the beauty of El Tuque. Go on a tour of the former coffee plantation close to Ponce which is some seventy miles on the southern part of the capital.
Catch flight from major cities in the US to San Juan. Its delicacy of fish tacos with honeyed-lemon ginger juice is worth tasting, and its coffee is quite economical.
If you would like to do some exploration, then make ancient San Juan your base and from there you could expand your adventurous flairs and see places of interests.

Barrier islands in Georgia, USA are also a good relaxation area. The islands are can be defined in one word; pristine and they have lesser crowds than touristy locations that make them ideal for moving from one beach to another. It is a great place to relax, tan and feed. It is home to St. Simons, Jekyll with Sea Island, as well as Cumberland Island.
You could get here by air via savannah or Jacksonville in Florida which is about seventy five miles from the area, land and sea too.
You could also enjoy plenty its local seafood from its restaurants.

You could stay at the expensive Cloister in Sea Island, lodge at the average priced Greenfield inn at Cumberland or settle for the pocket friendly accommodation of the island club hotel in Jekyll. Wherever you choose to lodge will not be less fun though your choices will be limited as

No matter where you decide to visit this summer whether in the Bermuda, Puerto Rico, or any where in the US, be sure to relax, and enjoy yourself the holiday is all about you. Don’t let all the happenings around you pass you by.

Summer Getaways

Float your boat … sea kayaking in Scotland


Hot weather is better in Scotland. All that gorse and turf gets gently cooked and starts to steam, wafting the smell of hot foliage over water and land.
Stuart and Ben, who met us off the train in Fort William, were our guides through two days and a night of kayaking in the wild.
All I could hear as I glided over Loch Ailort was the swish of my paddle. We arrived at our campsite as the sun began to dip – arms aching, noses peeling. We dragged our kayaks up the beach, pitched tents and slumped on to the springy ground. Out to sea sat the islands of Eigg, Muck and Rum – slowly fading into the gloaming as we chatted about paddling and sunburn. Cocoa sent us to sleep with the darkness; we were woken by a lapping loch, bright light and birdsong.

Gemma doing a spot of housework in Spain. Photograph: Anna Batchelor
When I arrived at my Workaway placement, I very nearly punched the air and hissed “yesssssss!”. I knew a paid-for holiday in the pretty seaside town of Caños de Meca, on the Costa de la Luz in southern Spain, would be a joy, but I wasn’t expecting my own sweet little villa at the foot of a riotiously colourful garden, a long empty beach over the road, and hippyish beach bars a stroll away, (help yourself) meals, beers, the use of a car, regular outings to nearby beaches and villages (such as beautiful Vejer de la Frontier, or the cool surf resort of El Palmar) all for free. In return I spent a few hours a day mopping the floors of my host Simone’s holiday apartments, doing the garden, and playing with her lovely daughters. With the sunshine and gorgeous surroundings, it never felt like work.

The Workaway scheme matches volunteers with hosts around the world: private individuals needing help at home, farmers, tourism business owners – anyone who needs a hand. After paying the €22 registration fee it’s up to you to contact the hosts and make arrangements (the standard exchange is five hours work a day in return for food and board). You could end up helping an eco farming collective establish a “sea gypsy tribe” in Norway; labouring on an agriturismo that makes limoncello in Sorrento, southern Italy; mucking in at a backpackers’ hostel in rural Colombia … the list is wildly varying and massively tempting, and you get to truly engage in the culture and community you’re staying with.


Transylvania’s gloomy literary associations belie the fact that it’s the perfect destination for a summer break with guaranteed sunshine and lively settlements nestling in the foothills of the Carpathians. Interrailing around western Europe is an increasingly expensive option for the skint student but Romanian Railways ( will carry you between the area’s historic cities for under £10 on creaking communist-era rolling stock. Fly to the university city of Cluj-Napoca on WizzAir (from £54 return from Luton) and you’ll find a centre filled with bars and clubs such as Insomnia (Strada Universitatii), a converted apartment attached to a small art gallery. It serves cheap beer to a bohemian crowd who will point you in the direction of the city’s other clubs. A bed at Cluj’s central Retro youth hostel (+40 264 45045, only costs £11 per night. From there, catch a train to Sighisoara, a fantastical walled town – and birthplace of national hero Vlad the Impaler – before completing the return circuit via Sibiu, a recent European capital of culture. Beautiful cities, interesting people and cheap drink – all without running the risk of bumping into a British stag party.


Havana’s glorious crumbling architecture and Caribbean sunshine are obviously a big draw, but it’s the vibrancy of the people that really makes Cuba special. So when the taxi driver pulled over on the side of the road and demanded to teach me salsa, all I could do was go with it. A great way to get a feel for the country and get close to the people (and also travel cheaply and eat good Cuban food) is to stay with local families in casa particulares – is a useful site that lists many of them. Our casa provided us with breakfast, dinner and a whole host of recommendations.
Travelling round the island was fairly straightforward thanks to the bus system and men in orange boiler suits whose job it is to flag down rides for hitchhikers. Should you fancy a substitute for the traditional British summer festival, make the 13-hour trip to Santiago, a city vibrating with beats and bands playing on every street corner. Head to Casa de La Trova for a taste of the original son, which inspired the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca on his visit and where the locals were more than happy to teach us a few steps, but only if we could keep up.
Sofya Shahab, student, City University

Budapest, Hungary
Szimpla courtyard bar
While many students will associate summer in Budapest with the Sziget music festival, the Hungarian capital itself has more than enough on offer to be a destination in its own right. The city is famous for its ruin pubs with their arty, underground atmosphere in hidden courtyards. Szimpla (Kazinczy utca 1, is the most popular. The Corvinteto Club on top of the Soviet-style Corvin department store (Blaha Lujzater 1-2, is well-known for its reggae and dubstep nights and its rooftop bar.
For daytime sightseeing, most highlights are conveniently located along Andrássy út, with the House of Terror (, dedicated to 20th-century Hungary’s fascist and communist regimes, being a personal favourite. Stop by Menza for lunch (Liszt Ferenc tér 2,; though not very cheap, it serves delicious Hungarian specialities.
The tiny, central Budapest Bubble (Brody Sandor utca 2), housed in an old building, is more like a home than a hostel. You’re better off staying on the Pesta side for a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere that attracts masses of friendly international students.


Secret Garden Hostel
Ecuador is considered one of the best places to learn Spanish in Latin America because of the clear accent and low prices. I enjoyed my stay at Quito’s Secret Garden Hostel, a place that is quite rightly proud of its terrace’s panoramic views over the historical centre and the Andes beyond. It has its own Spanish school and if you have more time you can apply for its one-month volunteer programme, where you work in the hostel in exchange for a bed, food, drinks, 10 hours of Spanish lessons and one night at its sister hostel by Cotopaxi volcano. Demand to work at this eco-aware hostel is understandably high, but it also has links with other organisations in the area, so you can also consider working on local environmental projects or helping conserve rare Andean bears.

Destination USA; Tampa , Florida

The main points of interest in the city are listed below:

• Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
• Florida Aquarium
• Lowry Park Zoo
• Museum of Science and Industry
• Howl-O-Scream

Why do you need rental shuttle buses?

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Destination USA: Welcome to Austin Austin, Texas; The Live Music Capital of the world. About the City Capital of the United States of Texas, Austin is located on the Colorado River. Being the 11th most populous city in US and 4th most populous city in Texas, it casts a huge impact on the higher education, media, research as well entertainment. Many fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple Inc, IBM, eBay, Oracle has their regional offices or head quarters in Austin. The place is home to some of the most adorable places to be visited. These include – • Longhorn Caverns, Explore the beautiful natural wonder • Congress Bridge, where thousands of Bats migrate • Blanton Museum of Art, with a collection from The USA, Europe and Latin America • Capital cruises, Boat tours of Lady Birds Lake and many more Why City Bus Shuttle Service? Travelling in this populous city, whether you are on a business trip or for leisure, can be a frenetic issue., considering the immensely buzzing activities in town. This is the reason that make Rental Shuttle buses the need of the hour. Whether you are planning for some corporate gathering, wedding transportation or a party bus, Rental Shuttle Bus services can prove to be the best help. Saving you from all the wastage of time that you would have to incur while roaming on local transportation, these mini buses can be your best friend for travelling in the entire city with ease. What makes these rental shuttle buses the perfect choice for any occasion? Mini buses can be a great way to ensure comfort and safety to your guests, no matter they are coming to the city for wedding, corporate event, or party, these buses can be the best mode of transportation for all these occasions. Here’s a look at the reasons why – •with these rental mini shuttle buses, the guests do not have to wait for the local transport which run only on specified times, rather they have a mini bus available for their travel as and when required. •These mini buses are eco-friendly; therefore lead a lesser impact on the environment as compared to the local transportation. •Shuttle buses on rent can prove to be a more convenient and safe option for the visitors coming to the city for the first time. It is all part of the frill and thrills of getting aboard shuttle buses in Austin .The serenity and the breath of fresh air is what you get by hiring mini shuttle bus services on rent.

Destination USA;The Allures of Colorado

Colorado Springs is one bustling municipality and this is also the most populous city of the El Paso County, Colorado, United States. The city has an approximate population of 439,886 and this score makes this city the second most populated city in Colorado. The location of the city is at the base of the Rocky Mountains and the Pikes Peak and this thing makes the city a popular travel destination. The tourism is the third biggest employers in this Pikes Peak area with around 13,000 jobs. Around 5 million tourists come to visit this city annually, contributing around $1.35 billion revenues. The Colorado Springs has around 55 tourist attractions including the United States Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, ANA Money Museum, Garden of the Gods, Old Colorado City, U.S. Olympic Training Center and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. If you are planning a trip to Colorado Springs, then you will need to hire the rental shuttle buses or the mini buses to ensure a hassle free trip to Colorado Springs including all the popular tourist destinations. While traveling in a new city, it is important that the tourists should only have a great time where they should not worry about the driving. So, by choosing the rental shuttle buses or the mini buses, the travelers will be able to accomplish all their traveling requirements without any hassles or without any worries. Besides, the expert chauffeurs of the reputable shuttle bus or mini bus rental services are thoroughly experienced, so they will be able to guide the tourists properly through every place and every tourist destination of the Colorado Springs. Besides, these chauffeurs of these rental shuttle buses or the mini buses are well equipped with the directions and the maps where you actually want to go. So, the chauffeurs of the shuttle bus or mini bus rental services will be able to offer the tourists the right directions and an efficient route. So, whether you are traveling to Colorado Springs for the first time, hiring these shuttle bus or mini bus rental services will be able to handle all your vehicle transportation requirements. The reservation of these rental shuttle buses or the mini buses are available with the personal project management service where the tourists will get the answers of all their queries and concerns right away while booking. So, book your best shuttle bus or mini bus rental services in Colorado Springs to ensure a great trip every time when you visit. Book Airasia

Destinations USA; The Thrills of Washington ,D.C The entire experience of roaming throughout the metro area of D.C and the surrounding areas can bring loads of fun. But planning a perfect trip and then driving can really be a hectic job, especially if you are traveling with a group. At the same time, it is not possible to enjoy the best road trip until you go out with a big group. So, the level of fun can be enhanced with the rental shuttle bus services or with the rental mini buses. Though it is not easy to experience total uniqueness in a road trip, but by hiring the rental shuttle buses or rental mini buses you can totally concentrate on the enjoyment of the trip as you don’t have to anticipate all the long awaited destinations or don’t have to concentrate on the roads. By hiring the rental shuttle bus or the rental mini bus services, you can only expect to get the best trip that can happen in a group. This is why you must opt for the rental shuttle buses or rental mini buses instead of choosing to drive down by yourself.

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