7 Iconic Irish Wedding Destinations That Couples Find Unforgettable

Weddings happen daily around the world, and for anyone looking for iconic Irish locations,here is your guide.

Best Wedding Destinations in Ireland

What better place is there to host a large wedding ceremony than in Ireland? One thing you can be sure of is that holding a wedding ceremony in Ireland, large or small cannot get a bad rep of not being up to standard.

There are tonnes of best wedding destinations in Ireland to choose from for a grand wedding ceremony. Having to choose a wedding venue out of the numerous wedding destinations in Ireland can be a bit confusing. But you can check out this list as I have compiled only the best of the best wedding destinations in Ireland.

1. Ballymagarvey Village

Ballymagarvey village is one of the most well-known wedding destinations in Ireland. Located in Co. Meath, Ireland, this classic wedding venue can be used to host a large wedding.

A large crowd of up to 220 guests can be accommodated in this elegant wedding venue. Everything has been set in place in this wedding venue to ensure the wedding runs smoothly throughout the day.

2.  Castle Durrow

The Castle Durrow is a perfect wedding destination for couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a castle-like venue. Located in Co. Laois, Ireland, the Castle Durrow can accommodate up to 185 guests.

This wedding venue gives you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in a luxurious and grand style.

3.  Clonabreany House

The Clonabreany House is more a less a country-house-like venue where couples can actually tie the knot together in grand style. Located in Co. Meath, Ireland, the Clonabreany House can accommodate up to 220 guests.

There is a marquee onsite where the wedding reception can be organised. It is lovely to know that there is no compromise on the details of neither your wedding nor the wedding menu.

4.   Clonwilliam House

Clonwilliam House is one of my favourite best wedding destinations in Ireland. Located in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, this wedding venue can accommodate up to 180 guests.

What makes the Clonwilliam House my favourite is the way and manner the luxury of this venue leaves you and your guest in complete awe of the venue.

5.  Coolbawn Quay

David McClelland Photography

If you want to host your wedding by the lakeside in Ireland, choose the Coolbawn Quay. Located in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, thus beautiful wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 guests.

This unique lakeshore venue has its way of mesmerising its way into the heart of couples. This wedding venue features a large pavilion which is perfect for a scenic picture

6.   The InterContinental Dublin

The InterContinental Dublin is a perfect wedding venue for hosting a large wedding in Ireland. Located in Dublin 4, Ireland, the InterContinental Dublin can accommodate up to 425 guests.

This 5-star venue is just the perfect wedding venue for you to hold that large wedding ceremony. Half of the ballroom can be used, or the whole ballroom, all depending on what you wish.

7.    Castle Leslie

The Castle Leslie is also a great wedding destination for hosting a large wedding. Located in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, the Castle Leslie can accommodate up to 260 guests.

The beauty Glaslough Lake can be sighted from Castle Leslie. So you can choose to host your wedding at Castle Leslie to have a mix of Lakeside and a castle wedding ceremony.


Irrespective of where you decide to hold your wedding in the Irish country,you can be sure to enjoy the serenity and amazing scenery.

Travel Aurora: The City of Relaxation

Aurora is a prime destination for cultural activities, relaxation, and artistic expressions. Discover Aurora


Aurora city refers to the Home Rule Municipality in Colorado, US. It stretches across Arapahoe and Adams counties with its southeastern portion lying in the Douglas County. The different points of interest of the city include:

  • The Wildlife Experience
  • Aurora Reservoir

The prominent neighborhoods of Aurora are:

  • Aurora heights
  • Lyn Knoll
  • Chadsford
  • Chelsea
  • Aurora Hills
  • Quincy hill
  • Blackstone
  • Hallcraft’s Village East
  • Water’s Edge
  • Heritage at Eagle Bend
  • Tollgate Run at Kingsborough
  • Smoky Hill 400
  • Buckley Air Force Base

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