Where To Visit Among The Top USA Destinations From JFK

Where To Visit When You Land At JKF

JFK serves one of the biggest cities in the world. However, the United States is made up of many diverse destinations. Only a handful of airports come close to the passenger traffic that JFK handles day in, day out. As a tourist, you might wonder where to head to once you are at this iconic airport. While places of interest might hold different allure for many folks, records already tell us where people often go visit as they exit this gateway to America.

These are  the top US destinations from John F. Kennedy Airport: 

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Westchester County also known as Downstate is located in southern New York,USA . Westchester is a great place to visit. It is a top USA destination from JFK and the most convenient and the fastest way of getting to Westchester County from JFK would be by car or car service.

The oldest inhabited regions in America, rich in history. There are a lot of places to explore. Places such as Polpettina, westchester’s finest restaurant, The Hudson valley center for contemporary art, the best place to find contemporary and Modern art, parks and elegant buildings such as Castle hotel and spa, Westchester County’s super hotel known for its award-winning Equus Restaurant.


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Central Islip is a census designated place and this makes it  a top USA destination from JFK. Islip is one of the ten towns located in Suffolk County, New York, US. It is right on the south shore  of Long Island. If you plan to go to see a baseball game without the atmosphere you experience in a  big stadium, which is the  crowds or the expensive prices ,Bethpage ballpark situated in Central Islip  is the right place  to go.

Byron lake park is also a wonderful place to be, best for jogging, walking or bike riding. The CM performing Art Center is a wonderful place you can also check. It is host to several theatrical performances.


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There are many things to do in Brighton Beach. Some of these are: fish catching, windsurfing kite, boarding and so many things. Brighton is one of the most popular beach destinations in Victoria.

Brighton is surely top of your list of holiday destinations to explore, with its relaxing touristic shops, historic sites and eateries.  Also, with the help of friendly staff, you won’t feel lost, as they are always ready to  offer some lessons on the beach.

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The University of Buffalo Libraries is a compendium of rich history that draws a lot of knowledge seekers. University of Buffalo libraries attract people from different part of the world because of its standard.  Junior or senior level students working on projects or assignments often visit the libraries.

Resources are also available to visitors that visit the libraries for an instructional session, where a librarian will provide an overview of resources. Moreover, Campus tours can be requested separately or as part of a library visit.


Photo by Budgeron Bach on Pexels.com

Washington Square Arch is a place you can quickly see before proceeding to your destination in the US. This tourist attraction is beautiful and there are spots where you can find a sit and relax.  it is a nice to take photos . There is the fountain that is also a sight to behold.

 People playing chess which is always kind of fun to watch them battle it out and there’s live music playing which everyone would love because it is a nice thing to listen to music.


When next you are thinking where to visit when you are land at JFk, these recommended spots will surely come in handy.

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The 5 Most Visited Landmarks in London

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It’s no wonder that London is the top tourist destination in the world. London attracts over 15 million tourists each year. London, Britain’s capital city, is an entertainment center with vibrant nightlife and great outdoors. London also offers the highest concentration of cultural attractions too. You’d surely be basked with London’s royal palaces, museums, people’s parliament, and churches.

Where to visit in London

As you lay out your plan to visit London, you need to be sure to have ticked the boxes when it comes to what you want to see and how you have planned your trip. Also, the following tips would help:

Are you visiting with minors?

If you are traveling with minors, you might have to review where you are headed for kids-friendly spots. You surely cannot head to strip clubs with your minors when visiting London, You might also want to rule out heading up to the mountains, and instead, settle for the beach.

Do you have special needs?

Many people head up to amusement centers and pick out what they can do. There is no doubt that seeing the array of exciting activities can be interesting. However, you might want to skip the London Eye if you are easily triggered and settle for a walk in the museum instead.

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Leading Landmarks To See in London

You can be sure to enjoy the best of London with the top picks below on the most visited landmarks in the city.

Here are the 5 most visited landmarks in London.

1.     Buckingham Palace

Photo by Valentin Vesa on Pexels.com

One of the most iconic buildings in London is Buckingham Palace. Built-in 1837, Buckingham Palace has been the residence for the royal family since the time of Queen Victoria’s accession.

The building isn’t the only attraction at Buckingham palace, as the changing of the guards also attracts tourists. This free and colorful display of music and precision marching draws crowds at 11:30 AM every season. This marching also takes place at St. James’s Palace, where the band marches between sites through the Mall.

2.    The Tower of London

Photo by Sid Ali on Pexels.com

At the Tower of London, there are lots of sightseeing to feed on moving from palace to prison, private zoo to treasure vault, and so on. In summary, the Tower of London has served several purposes in time past.

A lot of the country’s rich history happened here like the 17th Century Line of Kings, the famous Crown Jewels exhibition, and so on. Also, towards the adjacent tower bridge are two massive towers that rise 200 feet above the River Thames.

3.    The British Museum

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

The British Museum is a recommended UK destination to visit if you want to see the world’s most exquisite collection of antiquities on display. There are over 13 million artifacts on display in this museum, including objects from Europe, China, Babylonia, Assyria, and elsewhere.

One of the most famous exhibits that tourists love to see first is the controversial Parthenon’s Elgin Marbles. Other exhibits in this museum worth your time to check out includes the Mildenhall Treasure, the colossal bust of Ramesses II, Egyptian mummies, and the Rosetta Stone.

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4.    Big Ben and Parliament

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Another one of the 5 most visited landmarks in London is Big Ben and Parliament that emphatically says London with its 318-foot towers. It houses the giant clock with its resounding been called the Big Ben.

Big Ben is known worldwide as the time signal of the BBC radio. Below the Big Ben, stretching along the Thames, are the seat of Britain’s government, the Houses of Parliament for many centuries. This landmark was once the royal Westminster Palace, where William the Conqueror resided. A tour to the parliament building will give you a chance to see political discussion debated in real-time.

5.    National Gallery

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

London’s National Gallery ranks among the top art museum in the world, with European painting from 1260 up to 1920.

This gallery is popular for its collections of Italian Schools and Dutch Masters of the 15th and 16th centuries. Among these collections are drawings by Leonardo da Vinci of the Madonna and Child, Michelangelo’s The Entombment, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars and Monet The Water-Lily Pond.


The attractions of London are numerous, a testament to the centuries of dominance that the British Empire once enjoyed over the rest of the globe. Many tourists will find the splendour of the city, a beauty to behold and celebrate.

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These Are The 5 Most Visited Landmarks In California That You Must Know

There are different magnificent places around the world that could be considered as blessings to humanity. Nature, however, blesses one area more than the other with different distinctive natural features. One of these places that are significantly favored by nature is California.

California is described as one of the largest states in the US with distinguished places of which the hottest part in the United States of America is an inclusion. California is probably the most sought-after USA destination among the fifty states in America.

California is home to some of the tallest trees and mountains and other astonishing sites. For many years, this sunshine state has been the favorite of many visitors.

The following are the most visited landmarks in California:

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937. It was in the past described as the longest of its kind in the world. Golden Gate bridge has a bright red color. It has over the years attracted visitors.

It is debatably considered as San Francisco’s most popular landmark. It has excellent photogenic backgrounds that you will love. The Fort Point National Historic Site and Baker Beach serenades the beach and you can also plan to enjoy the stretch of ocean view.

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Photo by Zichuan Han on Pexels.com

Disneyland, the second most famous amusement park globally is located in Anaheim. It was opened in 1955. It is a great amusement park with different means by which visitors can get entertained- such as games, shows, rides, etc. It is a genuinely nice place for a family to spend holidays and Christmas; there are provisions for both children and adults.

Disneyland apart from being a wonderful amusement park, has dining, hotels. You can as well shop at the Downtown Disney District. Disney Adventure Park is also a park next to Disneyland where you may decide to proceed with the excitement. The family can take a whirlwind vacation here and enjoy a great time.

 Yosemite National Park

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yosemite National Park is one of the most visited landmarks in California. Tourists, athletes, and artists found it as an amazing spot containing mountains, rivers, valleys, and waterfalls.

The attractions that has given it a global reckoning include the granite walls and the distinctive waterfalls. It has stunning views that can be realized through the use of hiking trails to the peaks of the mountains. The sight is one that draws people towards Yosemite National Park.

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Lake Tahoe

Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on Pexels.com

Lake Tahoe is a perfect destination for holidays or vacation. It has one of the best colors in the world “blue”. In summer, it witnesses massive visitors such as campers, boaters, beachgoers, and those that appreciate natural things.

Hiking trails are available by the lake. This distinctive USA destination is the home of popular ski resorts. It’s a honeypot for Skiers from different parts of the US come to do what they love.

  Universal Studios Hollywood

Photo by Soly Moses on Pexels.com

This is one of the most visited and well-known landmarks in California. It is an amusement park and as well a movie studio. If you need a recommendation on the best place for you and your family, this would rather be the right place.

Here, you will have different experiences of popular movies. Universal Studio Hollywood is a place where you will find shows, dinning and an excellent cinematic experience.


Taking time out to know what is in the offing across California is worthwhile for the avid tourist. As you plan your vacation for the New year, you can as well include this state as a must -visit on your itinerary.

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For Many Global Tourists, These Are The 5 Biggest Nevada Attractions

One of the best and the most amazing ways to live your life is to get involved in the things you like and gets you going, motivated and replenished. The opening for holidays do not come daily but they do show up now and then. For a tourist heading to Nevada, there are great sights and sounds to keep you enthused. Whether you have got a family, a group or tour guide, this destination works well for you.

Destination Nevada

Nevada, which is a state in the US, is characterized by incredible and astonishing landmarks. The landscape is a distinctive blessing from nature. As one of the leading USA destinations, Nevada has lots of wonderful places where your thirst for satisfaction and excitement will be quenched.

Nevada is attractive to different people from different parts of the world based on the numerous opportunities on display to make visiting a memorable one. Some of these are recreational areas and national parks. The terrain gives access to enjoy fishing, biking, climbing, hiking, and horseback riding. Of all the great competing tourist attractions, the following can be considered as the biggest attractions in Nevada:

1.Hoover Dam

Photo by ciboulette on Pexels.com

Hoover Dam is a 726-foot-high dam which has attracted hundreds of thousands of people over the years after its making during the great depression. Hoover Dam was built purposely to create jobs for people. Its construction is an astonishing one in this present generation of this contemporary engineering.

It is the United States’ largest reservoir (Lake Mead). Hoover Dam supplies Arizona, California, and Nevada with hydroelectric power. It has close proximity to Las Vegas (a 45- minute drive). To get the best of the area, you can rightly position yourself on the dam to see how stunning it is. You can as well make your movement around Hoover Dam Power Plant. Believe me, it is a nice thing to do!

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2. The Valley of Fire State Park

Photo by Lukas Kloeppel on Pexels.com

One of the places you should ensure you see when you visit Nevada is the Valley of Fire State Park. It is a natural location occupied by the incredible formation of rocks and colorful stones. These make the landscape great and cool for any tour you decide to embark on around this natural area.

This park offers the best anticipatory scenic drive. Hiking is specifically enjoyed in this park. Through this, you will be able to see the beautiful natural features, as well as old filming areas, slot canyons rock walls, and so on. There is a possibility of seeing some wildlife. You can make your camping at Valley of Fire and enjoy the stunning scenery.

3. Great Basin National Park

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Great Basin National park is located in East-Central Nevada with almost 80,000 acres of basin and range landscape. On this National Park is the 13,063-foot Wheeler peak and the Lehman Caves. You are free to enjoy the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive. It is a cool thing to do! Great Basin National Park is safe to prowl and it is within the vicinity of Bristlecone Pines.

In addition, Camping is permitted in this park. If you are looking for the best parks among the several that straddle the USA landscape, you have a perfect fit here.

4. Lamoille Canyon

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

Lamoille is one of the biggest attractive areas in Nevada. It is at Nevada’s Ruby Mountain in Elko Country. It is a location that is popular for its wildlife and waterfalls.

The sighting of mountain goats, bighorn sheep and birds is an experience you will love to have. It is a nice location for a scenic drive, hiking, fishing, and camping. It sure has a place among the best USA destinations for mountain climbing.

5. Las Vegas

Photo by Marina Monroe on Pexels.com

Las Vegas is a place where you see nice hotels, resorts, theaters, gardens, and restaurants. These offer you the best cheer-ups for your stay in Nevada. Hotels such as the Treasure Island Hotel and Mandalay Bay Hotel have attracted numerous visitors around the globe.

Las Vegas houses great resorts such as New York, Paris, Caesar’s Place, The Venetian, and The Bellagio. It could be referred to as heaven’s extension; the lit up at night makes the area great and cool. Fremont Street is a great place to see also; you can be promised an unforgettable experience.

Last Words

The sights and sounds of Nevada have captured the imagination of many for decades. You too can experience the thrills of this amazing USA destinations.

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Discover The 5 most Awe-Inspiring Mountain Range of Scotland

Photo by Munbaik Cycling Clothing on Pexels.com

When you’re standing atop a mountain although you have a feeling of vertigo, the view is a medicine to your soul and mind. A view from a mountain top also changes your perception of things and invites a flurry of emotions.

So, whether you’re a walker, hiker, mountain climber, or anything in between, and you’re in love with the sky, then you need this. Check out the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain range of Scotland you can consider visiting.

First Things

To go on an adventure is an invitation to all things adrenalin and whatever comes close. However, it is also wise to look out for things to consider before the journey. Here is a quick guide.

*Are you healthy ?

Humans display their frailty at different times. Before you set out to see the mountaintop, you better be sure that your endurance test is all good. As you move to a higher altitude, the oxygen levels deplete and not quite a few had had problems at that height. So, be sure you are in top shape.

  • Consider a team

The days of lone rangers might be all gone as far as today’s world is concerned. It is recommended that you look out for a group that is going atop the mountain as you plan to go to the summit. A team is helpful and if you run into difficulties, you can be sure of ready help.

  • Use a tour guide

Do not discount using a tour guide when going atop the mountain. With a guide, you can be sure that you will have more tips on how to climb safely and enjoy the ascent, which mostly proves more difficult to many climbers.

  • Get the props

There are props to help you stay safe, and tools that can help you navigate your way. A compass, a satellite phone, good climbing shoes, ropes, and medical supplies come into the picture here. All these are important to pack as you plan your adventure.

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The Top Mountain Range

1.Buachaille Etive Mor

Photo by Spencer Davis on Pexels.com

Buachaille Etive Mor which also means the herdsman of Etive is an awe-inspiring mountain range of Scotland. Climbers generally know this place as The Buachaille. When travelling on A82 road towards Glen Coe, you can see the pyramidal form of the mountain. It raises to about 1,021m above sea level. It also takes the form of a ridge that is about 5 miles long.

The River Etive almost encircles this ridge. Also, this ridge contains four tops. These tops are Stob Dearg (1021.4m), Stob na Broige (956m), Stob Coire Altruism (941m), and Stob na Doire (1011m).

2. Cairn Gorm

Photo by Nicolas Becker on Pexels.com

Cairn Gorm can also be interpreted as Blue or Green hill. It is one of the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain ranges of Scotland. It measures up to 1245m above sea level. It is also the sixth tallest mountain in the United Kingdom with huge tourist following.

Of the Cairngorm mountains, Cairn Gorm is the most prominent when you view it from Aviemore. Take note that Cairn Gorm is not the tallest in this region. The best place to ascent Cairn Gorm is through the Northern slopes as it is technically straightforward.

3. Suilven

Photo by Nicolas Becker on Pexels.com

Suilven is one of the best picturesque mountains in Scotland that lies West of Sutherland in a remote area. Suilven raises from the wilderness landscape of lochans, bogs, and moorland called the Inverpolly National Nature Reserve.

Suilven also forms a steep ridge at its side that is about 2 km long. The highest point of Suilven is the Caisteal Liath which lies at the northwest end of the ridge. It is a major pull-spot for global tourists who look for adventurous UK destinations.

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4. Ben Lomond

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Ben Lomond is a 974m high mountain in the Scottish highlands. Located on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. Ben Lomond is the most southerly of the Munros. It is easily accessible from Glasgow and central Scotland. It is also relatively easy to ascent it from Rowardennan.

Generally, Ben Lomond is one of the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain ranges of Scotland you should visit.

5. Ben Macdui

Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels.com

Of the 5 most awe-inspiring mountain range of Scotland, Ben Macdui is the second tallest mountain in the United Kingdom. On the southern edge of Cairn Gorm lies Ben Macdui on the boundary between Moray and Aberdeenshire.

The easiest route of access to Ben Macdui is from the Coire Cas car park to the summit of Ben Macdui. This path slowly leads up from the foot of Cairngorm Ski Centre over rising moorland. The route is about 7km long. An alternative way to follow to the summit is from Loch Etchachan.


It is always a pleasure to discover more adventure spots in your journeys through life. In Scotland, these mountain rage here will surely give you enough to enjoy  and discover for yourself.

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Looking To Explore The The Best of Ireland’s Tourist Attractions? Here Are The Top Picks

Photo by Lucian Petronel Potlog on Pexels.com

The 5 Biggest Irish Tourist Attractions

Ireland is one of the adorable places in the world where tourists from different parts of the globe have a rendezvous. Ireland is a very popular UK destination. It is the home of different outstanding scholars and saints.

There are lots of stunning places and sites in Ireland with lovely spots, which visitors will find alluring. The following are the biggest attractions to consider.

 Major Facts To Consider

Before you  set out on your Irish adventure, you will have to review the basic determinants to look at as you consider where to visit. We have a shortlist here to guide you.


In your choice of where to visit, you need to consider your budget. How much have you got to spend? This will impact how far you can travel, and how long you can stay.

Type of Attraction

If you are not a no-holds-barred tourist, you might have to screen where you need to visit. Imagine having a great phobia for heights, and yet adding a paragliding destination to you list?


If you have kids, it changes the complexion of your trip. You may want to consider more family-friendly places to add to your list.

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The Top 5 Places to Visit In Ireland

Once you succeed to tick the checklist with the above, it is time to hit the road running. Here are the top picks for you as you set out on your Irish adventure. Let’s you delve into the details right now:

  1. The English Market
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

The English Market is an important place you should pray not to miss when you visit Cork. This market is where you get the best of local produce such as cheeses, seafood, and artisan bread. Since the 1700S, the English Market has been in existence.

This market is an awesome place visited by Queen Elizabeth II on her first visit to Ireland in 2011. Visitors tend to enjoy its friendliness. If you decide to stay around for a while, there is a restaurant upstairs.

  1. The Cliffs of Moher
Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

The Cliffs of Moher are wonderful cliffs that have captured tourists’ imagination for decades . The Cliffs are a distinctive natural masterpiece that adds to the beauty of Ireland. It is considered the most visited place in Ireland, receiving close to a million visitors annually from different parts of the world.

In order to feed your eyes with the awesome part of the Cliffs, walking along the trail will definitely be the best thing to do. Its splendour attests to its addition to the list of the leading UK destinations.

  1. Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens
Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com

These are the best places to visit when you decide to see Kerry Region. Killarney National Park is an astonishing place that offers an unforgettable experience of Muckross Lake. It is a place once visited by Queen Victoria. This is to show how amazing it is! There is the provision of Jaunting cars that will take you around the grounds.

You don’t also want to miss out on the traditional Farms where you get to see more interesting things. There lots of natural attractions at The Killarney National Park & Lake. All these captivate the interest of visitors to wanting to return some other times.

  1. The Little Museum of Dublin
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The Little Museum of Dublin is a very important place in Dublin. It’s a Museum that houses the recent history of Dublin. Its foundation was a hilarious one.

This art hotpot came to life from a “meet and greet” service specifically for visitors which later developed into a museum. It’s a place where you have access to information, tours description or guides, etc. The Little Museum of Dublin contains John F. Kennedy’s Lectern, which he used when he came visiting in 1963 and more adorable collections that celebrate Dublin.

  1. The Rock of Cashel
Photo by James Smith on Pexels.com

This County Tipperary jewel is a major tourist attraction that makes the list of the leading UK destinations. It is right there in Cashel.

The Rock of Cashel is the most visited heritage site in Ireland. It was visited by Queen Elizabeth II at her visit to Ireland in 2011.  It features wonderful medieval buildings such as the 12th-century round tower, a 13th-century Gothic cathedral, a 15th-century castle and the High Cross &Romanesque Chapel. In addition, the Vicars Choral is also one of the structures. Exhibitions and an audio-visual show have always been tourist attractions.

Last Lines

No matter how you end you traversing the Irish landscape, we are sure you have the best experience to talk about in the years to come. Bon Voyage!

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The 5 Biggest UK Hunting Grounds To Explore

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Now that you need to decide on your next hunting spree, you should consider the biggest hunting grounds in the UK. The driving force for the UK is that you will find here some of the most expansive avenues to hunt, not forgetting the wealth of Scotland in this regard.

There are lots of driven hunts like pheasant and grouse hunting, as well as hunts with dogs. Also, in the Scottish Highlands, stalking red deer is one of the world’s most classic hunts.

How to prepare for hunting

Hunting requires the mix of ammunition, preparation and licenses. Unlike heading into the wilds with no restrictions, hunting is pretty much regulated these days.

Do I need a license?

Before heading into a town or hunting destination, makes sure that you have the license required, where applicable. You could end up paying huge fines or end up behind bars for hunting infractions. To avoid this, ask, and clarify about what you need to hunt in any of your UK destinations.

Is my ammo allowed?

The rush of eco-protection and wildlife regulations in recent years also means that there are limitations to the type of hunting ammo you can use. If you are hunting with your buddies, ask them about this to be on the safe side.

Lone Hunter?

If you are hunting alone, it could be perilous if you are in unfamiliar territory. As a result of this, you need to ensure that you do not head out into vast lands that you know little about. As an added measure, before you set out, get your navigation aids with you. Learn to use the compass or get a satellite phone that can work where there are no signals.

If you do not have safeguards, it is better not to be lone hunter, Look out for hunting buddies and be safe.

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The leading 5 UK Destinations For Hunting

There are benefits of hutting in the UK. So, without further ado, here are the 5 biggest hunting grounds in the UK.

1.     Dorchester

Dorchester, one of the 5 biggest hunting grounds in the UK, is a destination with a better chance of shooting down some Sika stag. Dorchester, located in Southern England, is a good population for large Sika stags.

Many hunters come to this exhilarating hunting destination in Southern England for some action-packed experience.

There are between 12-15 medal-class stags shot at this destination annually. When it comes to professionally organized hunting, you can trust that you’re on the right path if you’re planning to go to Dorchester.

2.    Oxford

Oxfordshire, the most populated region with wood pigeons. There are lots of classic English farming area with large open fields which are often separated by small woods and hedgerows. Putting all these together form a perfect habitat for the pigeons and a great place to hunt next.

Depending on the time of the year you decide to hunt here, you might be opportune to shoot over crops like beans, peas, spring barley, and the likes.

3.    Raby

If you want to have the pleasure of being able to shoot pigeon on one of the largest estates in England, then Raby is just the place for you. Raby is an ideal habitat for wood pigeons. It is only an hour’s drive from Newcastle, and the estate covers 30,000 ha.

The only downside about hunting in Raby is their factors such as the ability of the guns, wind, weather, the development of seasons craps can affect your hunting results.

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4.    Devon

When you consider going to Devon for hunting, you can expect to have an excellent hunt for big roebuck. The bucks make a great eating experience that many hunters look forward to nicking the prize.

Devon provides a unique habitat for this species. Very close to the town of Honiton, in the beautiful county of Devon, which is like 3-4 hours drive away from London, there are some magnificent roebuck hunting grounds on a district that totals a land area of about 12,000 ha.

5.    Scotland

Some of the most popular game species you can find in Scotland includes hare, grouse, partridge, woodcock, geese, pheasant, sika deer, fallow deer roebuck, and red stag.

When you’re considering hunting in Scotland, you can also expect to get the best fly-fishing experience in the world. The challenge of hunting in Scottish hills comes down to staying out of sight, reading the wind stalk within reach in the open landscape, and avoid being visible and missing out on the big prize.


Always remember that the allures of the wild can inviting, but adequate preparation also suffices for safety. No matter where you choose to hunt among these listed destinations, you can be sure that journey will be worth the experience. Bon Voyage!

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Discover The City Of Leicester Beyond Its Legendary Football Club

Photo by Dominika Greguu0161ovu00e1 on Pexels.com


Leicester is a city located in the East Midlands of England in the country of Leicestershire. The city is situated on the River Soar and near the eastern end of the National forest. It has an estimated population of 348,300 (according to 2016 estimate). It is ranked the 11th most populous city in England, also the 13th most populous city in the United kingdom.

If you a tourist looking for new places to explore, you will surely find this city to be more than a handful. For others looking for likely destinations to resettle in, it is good you are here to find out the 5 vital points that make Leicester a prime city among the best UK destinations.

Vital Point 1: History

Among the oldest cities in England, Leicester holds a pride of place. It was majorly occupied by Romans. After the Norman conquest, William’s Domesday Book recorded Leicester as Ledecestre. Then, it was called a city but it lost this title after the power tussle between the church and the aristocracy in the 11th century. It wasn’t classified as a legal city until 1919 when it recovered its title.

The city had its first Mayor in 1231 the person of Simon de Montfort. In 1645, King Charles I of England and prince Rupert attacked Leicester to draw the new model army of the royalist headquarters of Oxford. Being a parliamentarian, Leicester was recovered by the Parliament on the 18th of June, 1645 after the battle of Naseby. In 1889, the city became a country borough and expanded throughout the 19th century.

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Vital Point 2: Government

Leicester operates a unitary authority system and it has a council. On the 5th of may, 2011 the first direct city/civic Mayor of Leicester was elected- Peter Soulsby. The council comprises of 54 councillors elected every four years representing 21 wards. The city is presided by a Lord Mayor who is also elected every four years by the councillors. And factually, it is regarded as the birthplace of today’s English.

Vital Point 3: Economy

In East Midlands, Leicester is recorded to have the largest economy. Historically, the city was connected to the production of textiles, clothing and shoes. The city also serves as a home for many engineering companies such as Jones & Shipman, Richards engineering and so on. Primarily, the country also has two primary shopping malls which are the High cross Leicester and the Hay market shopping centre.

Furthermore, the St Martin’s square and the Leicester lanes is blessed with many designer and specialist shops. It is ranked the largest outdoor covered market in Europe with a wide range of goods.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Vital Point 4: Landmark and Tourist Attractions

There are numerous tourist attractions in Leicester but the city’s national space centre is one of the largest and most popular place that attracts tourists in Leicester. The great central railway in Leicester is also an awesome sight for visitors.

Tourists that derive pleasure in outdoor and recreational activities also often visit the Leicester outdoor pursuits centre in Loughborough road. Also, the sweeping curve in the city is enriched with outrageous contemporary architecture. Leicester also craved a name for itself with its King power stadium/picnic at Bradgate park.

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Vital Point 5: Sport

Leicester city is enriched with games like: football, rugby, basketball and cricket. The city houses the following football clubs: Leicester city, Rugby club and Leicester tigers. The Leicester city F.C is a professional football club that plays In the premier league and is based at the king power stadium. The club has a reputation rightly conferred when it won the English Premier League in 2016.


The oldest basketball team in the country is the Leicester riders. Due to efficiency, the Leicestershire country cricket club barged the country’s championship in 1996 and 1998 while the Leicester city F.C won the premier league title in 2016.

It is also important to point out that Leecester has got a bustling nightlife

Surprisingly, Leicester is placed as the 10th biggest city in the UK, East Midlands that has an awesome cultural and “things to do” scene. The city is blessed with a lot to leap for joy. The bars, clubs and pubs in Leicester are always mouthwatering at night. Want a cocktail hangout? Late night dive bar or intriguing outdoors? Or think of anything… You’ll always find the amiable in Leicester.


Leicester is a bustling city in its own right. It is fortified with all goodness you can imagine in business, sport, culture, diverse activities including social life. The city provides the best for its citizens with good infrastructure, social amenities, and an acceptable standard of living.

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Do You Want To Explore Scotland? These Are The Biggest Top 5 Attractions Rated By Tourists

Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com

The 5 Biggest Glasgow Attractions

Glasgow can descriptively be viewed as Scotland’s cultural center. It is a stunning location known for awesome museums, concert venues, art galleries, and festivals.

One of the top allures in Glasgow is music. Glasgow is also referred to as Scotland’s music capital. In Glasgow, you will see venues such as the Concert Hall; here, Royal Scottish Orchestra is enjoyed; and the Theatre of Royal where you can enjoy Scottish Opera.

The remarkable cultural events that draw tourists from around the world are the Gourock Highlands Games and the Celtic Connections Music Festival.

Key Pointers To Know

Historical Attractions

Glasgow as an ancient civilization has enough sights and scenes you should behold. Whether it is purely scholarly or inquisitive, you will find enough to grasp in this city of the Scots.

Entertainment Scenes

There are several places of entertainment that you will find in Glasgow that are also worth exploring. You will be able to bounce from one spot to the other if you wish to have a long night.

Sporting Centers

The leading UK destinations that you can find in Glasgow also includes sporting clubs and their traditional grounds. Do not forget that Glasgow Rangers reigns in this city. If you choose to watch a live event, there are enough options to choose from when you land in Glasgow.

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The 5 leading Attractions

There are lots of attractions in Glasgow which include buildings, museums, and so on. The following are considered as the biggest attractions in Glasgow:

  1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has been one of the attractions in Glasgow after it was opened in 1901. The Museum contains an outstanding collection of British and continental paintings such as Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross and Van Gogh’s portrait of Alexander Reid (the Glaswegian collector).

It’s a place where you can see 15th and 17th centuries objects such as swords, helmets, crossbow, and weapons. Visitors also have the opportunity to see other awesome things such as Glasgow-made jewelry, Flemish tapestries, pottery, and glassware. Just in case you desire to embrace relics of the past, you will sure have enough to explore here.

  1. The University of Glasgow: The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

This is a spectacular place-to-be on the list of leading UK destinations for tourists that attracts any visitor. It is Scotland’s second-oldest school of higher education founded in 1451.

 It is an institution that has over the years held outstanding achievements with smart teachers that have made various academic exploits. Some of these notable geniuses are Adam Smith (the father of antiseptic surgery), William Hunter James Watt and Joseph Lister.

The University has a visitor Center where is an exhibition of vital discoveries by these great scientists and others. The Hunterian Museum contains different collections from William Hunter and others including collections from various departments in the institutions such as geology, zoology, ethnography, and archaeology.

At the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, visitors can see various artworks made by Reynolds, Rubens, and Rembrandt.

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  1. George Square and the Merchant District
Photo by Louis on Pexels.com

George Square and the Merchant District are awesome locations in Glasgow. George Square has perfect placement. It’s a place where you see the 12 statutes of well-known people in the city, people such as Queen Victoria, Robbie Burns, and Walter Scott.

You will get to see the Town Hall and its tower with a height of 230 feet the east end of the square. The Merchant District is an amazing place to be especially in winter. There are great restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. It is a very attractive place to be!

  1. Riverside Museum and Tall Ship
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on Pexels.com

This is one of the best places for those that are lovers of Museums. It’s a very big museum with many rooms where there are different and numerous collections of artworks, weaponry, armor, and sculptures Anyone who desires to have a snapshot of history will do well to visit this Top UK destination in Glasgow.

There are lots of amazing things at this museum that have over the years attracted visitors from different parts of the world. The practice yard holds great allure to kids so that you can be sure that your family will have a swell time here.

  1. Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace
Photo by Jou00e3o Gustavo Rezende on Pexels.com

Glasgow is seen to be the oldest park in the city. It was built in 1662. The People’s Palace has a museum which is one of its attractions. This museum holds the history of Glasgow from the 17th to the 20th century. From social activist -Mary Barbour’s statue to modern history archetypes, this tourist haven has much in store in store.

The museum also has some historic collections. Other attractions are the Nelson Monument, the Winter Garden, and the adorable Dolton Fountain.


Glasgow maintains a pride of place as a leading UK destination for tourists. From entertainment to grasping history, you will find many attractions to get busy with when next you arrive here.


Are You A Stickler For Serenity? You Will Fall In Love With The Top 5 Private Beaches In London

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

The 5 best private beaches of London

For those of us who live in London, sadly we don’t have an array of secluded beaches at our doorstep. So, to enjoy the comfort that the best beaches offer, we might have to make a bit of effort to get to know where to find them.

If you want to see some of the best private beaches in London, we’ve got you covered. There are so many beaches near London waiting for you to watch the waves, sip ice-cold cocktails, and sunbathe for hours.

Determining Where To Go

The lure of the beachfront is such that is almost unrivalled for many beachgoers who will not accept an exclusion from the serenity of the sand and the water world. While it seems like a given to expect that any beach will do, this is not the case. Here are a few pointers to consider:

Child Safety

This cannot be underestimated. Some beaches have swimming props for kids and would have lifeguards on patrol. It is also likely to find beach patrol and beach security. In some places, these are not available. When traveling with kids, you need to be sure of child safety provisions.


You have to consider how accessible the beach is and if you need to travel far to get there. You also need to look at you mode of commuting so that you can be how long you can be there, and when on your back, if you can easily commute back home or to your hotel.


In picking the 5 best private beaches of London, we had to consider security. It is true that most tourist spots have their share of unpleasant happenings that can a torn off. We also know that some of the available beaches are off-limits for shenanigans. You might want to play safe and head to a peaceful arena.


While overcrowding does not necessarily translate to insecurity, it could be a harbinger that does not bode well. So, it is okay to test the waters and be sure that you wont end up in a beachfront where you have no personal space and rowdiness is the order of the day.


You also must pay attention of how clean the beachfront is  before you head to any tourist spot. While some public beaches might be well-cleaned and nurtured, others are altogether filthy and rather unpleasant to behold.

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1.     Three Shells Beach, Essex

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Three shells beach is one of the nearest beaches to most parts of London. Situated in the middle of the South-end of the Sea by the pier. It is a popular spot for friends and family with a sandy beach.

This destination is in the heart of the city, and it is close to amusements, restaurants, cafes, and shops. When driving to this destination, you may want to consider that you will have to pay for parking. Also, there are dog restrictions in this place.

2.    Ramsgate Main Sands, Kent

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com

Ramsgate is a famous sandy beach adjacent to the picturesque Royal Harbor and marina and surrounded by high chalk cliffs. There are plenty of fish, chips and ice cream options at this destination. It is one of the 5 best private beaches of London for children.

The beach is perfect for families with children, as it features clean and safe bathing water. There are lifeguards patrols and first aid stations at the beach for added safety. There are also sun loungers for hire and deck chairs too. Only 200 cars are allowed in their park, so you may want to go over on time.

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3.    Frensham Great Pond, Farnham

Photo by Philip Justin Mamelic on Pexels.com

Frensham Pond is a private beach destination in rural Surrey. It is hidden away in the most profound depth of Surrey.

This destination beach resembles a seaside resort, and it is miles away from the coast. People love to lie on the sand on a hot summer day for sunbathing. Swimming in its calm waters is also common among its explorers.

4.    Clacton-on-sea, Essex

Photo by Simon Clayton on Pexels.com

Clacton Pier, built-in 1877 is a famous structure in this destination. Of the 5 best private beaches of London, Clacton-on-sea is one of the best for families. This spot has its high ratings for a place on the must- go places on the UK destinations list.

It is a very sandy beach. Generally, it is one of the safest for children with lots of lifeguard patrol and first aid cover. It also features lots of traditional seaside entertainment.

5.    Camber Sands, East Sussex

Camber Sands is one of the 5 best private beaches of London with miles of sandy beaches. Its resort is popular with day-trippers from London. It is also close to the stunning town of Rye.

The Camber Sands is popular with windsurfers, paddlers, kite surfers and an impressive dune. If you have a dog pet, and you’re bringing him/her to this beach, know that there are restrictions. It’s a destination that is very busy during the Summer months.


These picks of the pack for London beach spots will make you glad anytime you are in London. Enjoy the sands as well as the sights and sound.

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