The 5 Most Prominent Tourist Destinations You Need To Visit In Scotland

Visiting Scotland? Here are recommended destinations you can explore!

Scotland is a spectacular country with a well-known reputation for its rich culture and history. Most tourists from all around the globe are attracted to Scotland because of its picturesque landscape.

Tourists are basked with the country’s museums, ancient castles, and prehistoric ruins. In summary, Scotland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. This article focuses on the 5 most visited tourist destinations in Scotland.

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is home to several historical sites. UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the famous landmarks in Edinburgh, includes both New Town and Old Town.

Old Town in Edinburgh offers tourists a view of Reformation-era architecture and Medieval urban plan. The New Town, on the other hand, gives tourists a picture of the neo-classical architecture and Georgian era.

Whenever you find yourself in Edinburgh, you can effortlessly drive down to Edinburgh castle, which overlooks the city from the top of Castle Rock.

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2. Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and also the second of the 5 most visited landmarks in Scotland. If you’re interested in architecture with a wide range of Gothic-style and Victorian buildings, then Glasgow is the place for you. Glasgow is home to several cultural centers in Scotland.

It is also home to several museums, cultural festivals, and several art galleries. You could also consider visiting the University of Glasgow, which is the second oldest University in Scotland.

The Bagpipe and National Piping Center Museum is a perfect stop for anyone who wants to know more about the use of bagpipes and history.

3. Stirling

The City of Stirling located in Central Scotland between the Lowland and the Highlands. Overlooking the City of Stirling is the Stirling Castle. In other words, Stirling Castle is one of the most important and largest Castle in Scotland. It a major tourist attraction here.

So many monarchies were coronated and received their crowns at the Stirling Castle. The Stirling Castle dates back to at least 1110 AD. Another recognizable attraction in Stirling is the Wallace National Monument.

The Wallace National Monument is a Victorian Gothic-style sandstone tower sitting on top of a nearby Abbey Craig.

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4. Aberdeen

Aberdeen is located in the North-Eastern part of Scotland. It’s a city populated with over 200,000 people, and it’s one of the 5 most visited landmarks in Scotland. Sometimes, the city is known as Grey City or Granite City because of the considerable amount of granite in the town.

This city is famous for its significant amount of gothic architecture, the most popular pick is the Town House. Today, the Town House is the biggest fishing port in Scotland.

5. St. Andrews

Located 10 miles South-East of Dundee is St. Andrews, a popular tourist destination in Scotland. St. Andrews is famous for golf playing, and its economy also relies on the golf industry.

This city is home to the oldest university in Scotland, the University of St. Andrews. Apart from the golf courses in St. Andrews, another popular attraction is Kellie Castle. Kellie Castle dates far back to the 14th century. 

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Scotland is a tourist’s delight any day. Whether you are considering a summer vacation or an early winter rendezvous, expect to have an exciting time in your next Scotland vacation.

For Millions of Bird-Watching Tourists, These Are The Top 5 USA Destinations You Must Know

The Best 5 Bird Watching USA Destinations

Our world has such amazing natural phenomena that makes it a wonder to behold. For many bird watchers in North America, USA has got enough splendid spots to explore.

 Around the world, there are different places that attract the attention of people based on the natural endowments that nature provides.  Our universe is replete with different wonderful creatures, and birds are a lovely part of the composition.

There are different areas around the world where birds can be watched. The following can be considered as the best five birdwatching USA destinations:

  1. Great Bend

Great Bend is located in Kansas in the US. It is a home for more than 134 species of bird in which some come visiting while some are bred. Most species of birds such as shorebird and piping plover find their ways to Great Bend to rest.

Piping Plovers are said to make a temporary stop in this area before heading towards the Gulf of Mexico. Great Bend can best be enjoyed from May to September. It is a place for you and your family and possibly with your friends to bask in the pleasure that nature offers.

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2. Cape May

Cape May is a wonderful destination for birdwatching in the US. It is specifically located in New Jersey and descriptively on the shoreline of the Garden State. Different species of birds are discovered on a frequent basis making a stopover at Cape May before heading toward South during winter.

Returning birds during spring also do likewise. It’s a lovely place where you have the opportunity to see different species of birds such as warblers. To add to the pulchritudinous view, Black Scoters and Surf Scoters are in the water. Believe me, this is an experience you can’t afford to miss.

Factually, Cape May can be best visited from September to October. During this period, bird watching experience is at its peak as a great number of birds can be viewed with uttermost excitement.

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3. Gibbon

Gibbon is another special place prepared by nature for the best experience on birdwatching. Gibbon is located in Nebraska. The birds such as Sandhill Cranes and their returning create wonderful views that every bird lover will cherish.

As one of the best destinations in the US, Visitors who visit in March will have the opportunity to experience the Nebraska Crane Festival (An annual festival held in March).

4. Cameron

Looking for a very suitable and convenient place where you can enjoy birdwatching? Cameron, located in Louisiana, is one of the best places you can think of. It provides an abode for different species of birds such as Orchard Orioles, Cerulean Warblers, the Great Kiskadee, Vermilion Flycatcher, and other millions of songbirds.

Cameron does not only cater for birds alone but also provides a home to a great number of wildlife such as pollinators.

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5. Naples

A very good destination for bird watching is at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, north of Naples in Florida. Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary serves some birds with a resting location while migrating toward the south.

Some of the wonderful species that can be seen are wood storks, rainbow-hued painting Bunting, Bald Eagles, and other predatory and wading birds. Birdwatching in this destination can be made at any time of the year.

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Bird watching is the pastime of millions of people around the world, and for those who can afford it, these choice spots in America will be an engaging experience. You too can explore them this fall.

Do You Want To Explore Scotland? Here Are 5 of The Most Loved Beaches By Tourists

Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom that covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain. It is surrounded by the Atlantic and shares its border with England to the southeast.

Scotland has so many beaches you would want to visit. The sound of waves crashing, and seabirds calling each other are just snips of what Scotland has to offer you. Scotland beaches are of different hues and attraction.

 Here are 5 of the best-rated beaches in Scotland you want to consider paying a visit.

1. St Ninian’s Isle, Shetland

On this northern Shetland archipelago, you are never more than 5 km away from the sea. The most incredible coastal sights of them all are the St Ninian’s Isle. It is a circular 6 km walk on the isle in Europe of pure fine sand tombolos.

This isle allows you to walk through the middle of the ocean on its blissful natural sand causeway. Facts about this beach are the ancient chapel site and the Pictish treasure hoard found on this island.

2. Tolsta Beach, Isle of Lewis

As one of the 5 best-rated beaches in Scotland, Tolsta beach is a long sandy beach that is popular with surfers. In its exposed stretch of coastline are a big swell of forming waves.

There is something supremely refreshing and special about the breeze of Outer Hebrides, making it close to seaside perfection. Lewis main town of Stornoway is not far from Tolsta, a crofting village. This peaceful cove is an ideal stop for a picnic as it is hidden away from the road.

3. Luskentyre Sands and Seilebost Beach, Isle of Harris

In whatever season you find yourself, the seas here are so blue and so clear. You would surely want to jump right into the sea for a paddle because of the beauty of the water.

The picturesque Seilebost beach is right beside a tiny crofting village overlooking the dreamy azure water of Luskentyre sands. Luskentyre sand is one of the largest and an award-winning spectacular beach on Harris. An amazing way to see the beach and other beautiful spots is to cycle the Hebridean Way Cycling Route.

4. East Beach at Lossiemouth, Moray

The harbour at Loosie has two stunning beaches to the west and east over the northeast mainland. To the east is a long stretch of white sand and pretty dunes that makes it a beautiful place.

It is a perfect place for dog walking or relaxation with an amazing view of the harbour town. And if you’d rather go east, then explore the Covesea Lighthouse.

5. Aberdeen Beach

Here is a city beach on our list of the 5 best-rated beaches in Scotland. With its art-deco inspired esplanade, its golden coastline stretches within 3 km. It is one of the best places if you want to see bottlenose dolphins in Scotland.

The adventure continues at a local area Fittie, also known as Footdee. Footdee is a 19th-century former fishing village. Fresh seafood is the favourite local meal here.


Scotland offers great attractions that tourists will find always find delightsome. As you plan your next trip to Scotland, you will do well to look out for the beaches that hold the greatest allure above,

Discover The Warmth And Allures of Seychelles As You Plan A Tropical Getaway

Jozu for Women Inage

Exotic Seychelles Travel Packages

The east coast of Africa is home to islands and resorts replete with aesthetic beauty, natural allure, and tourist attractions. While other regions of Africa are not left behind regarding this fact, it is the case that Eastern Africa leads the pack. A good example of this is Seychelles Islands.

The Island of Seychelles

Seychelles is an island located in the Eastern part of Africa, having a large number of beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves and animals considered to be rare; both in terms of domestication and wildlife.

The primary characteristic known to Seychelles and what makes up most of its tourist attraction relates to the sea and waters. Although other African countries do have coastal boundaries and coastal characteristics, Seychelles’ kind of coastal characteristic contains a vast number of different and unique things, including sea animals and sea plants.

Seychelles being an island, it is the case that it is relatively small. This can make for a compact experience where tourists can easily decide to go beyond the place they visited.

Essentially, tourists can easily visit other wonderful parts in the country without necessarily feeling any burden.

Seychelles being an island, it is the case that the country is also most likely isolated, somewhat. This should make it easier to find exotic Seychelles travel packages since most firms providing these packages will most likely choose to specialize in the business.

Exotic Travel Packages

In any case, there exist exotic Seychelles travel packages which aim at ensuring tourists and visitors have a considerably nice time when visiting the company.

While some of these packages are somewhat on the expensive side, there are some others that are considerably affordable and can be enticing However, just in case, if you plan to gun for any exotic Seychelles travel packages, here are some you would love

  1. Bambous River Lodge

Bambous River Lodge in Seychelles offers the package of a flight and three nights in the country. The Lodge is situated close to one of Seychelles’ beautiful rivers and allows for individuals who have lodged close by to enjoying the ocean and scenery of one of Seychelles’ wonders.

With almost an excellent rating from people who have previously lodged there, the place provides for a serene and calm stay, which are all essentials after having a long day of being a tourist or enjoying your vacation. All of it goes for a fee of $1850.

  1. Hotel L’Archipel

Another package that provides for an exotic Seychelles travel experience comes with the Hotel L’Archipel. The hotel is situated around one of Seychelles’ most green and coordinated areas. The calm and serenity here are almost unmatched. Although surrounded by green wonders; those are also surrounded by one of Seychelles’ coastal area.

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The reviews of this resort show it is an excellent place for Seychelles getaway, but it does come at a price; maybe a high price too, depending on your budget. Costing around $3500, this package covers subscribers’ flight costs and lodging for three nights.

  1. Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa

When speaking of exotic travel experiences, it is of importance that this is also mentioned. Perhaps after a long vacation day, or a tiring time enjoying the scenic views, you might want to return to your apartment and spend the night sipping something, whilst enjoying the coastal view, with a full body massage.

Well then, if this forms part of your thoughts and plans, the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa is like the best place you can choose.

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With a five-star rating, the resort provides individuals with a feeling of home, while providing some of the best services one can get in Seychelles.

But then, nothing exotic comes without a price. Going for $508 per night, the quote does not cover flight fees and the duration of stay is only for a night unless more nights are booked.


The reality of a Seychelles getaway has fascinated people from all walks of life for generations. The allures and attractions of Seychelles are usually worth the travel for everyone who makes it there. In terms of exotic travel packages, some have been covered above and they will surely be a good introduction to this Island destination.

If You Are Planning A New York Wedding, Here Are The Venues You Should Consider

Best Wedding Destinations in New York

Brooklyn Winery Image

New York, a city, recognised as the world’s global business capital, also rates high in entertainment, finance, fashion, media, technology, and certainly not forgetting tourism.

With so many exquisite locations to visit, New York City utterly leaves you in a dilemma of confusion of where to go first. Hosting a wedding in New York City is also no exception. T

here are tonnes and tonnes of great locations you can choose from to host your wedding. Here are 5 of our recommended wedding destinations in New York City.

1.Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn Winery is one of the best USA wedding destinations you can get. It features a small, yet large hall that can house up to 165 guests. Brooklyn Winery is one of the most sought out venues in New York City. It is loved most especially because of its fine garden wall that stretches from the top of the ceiling to the floor.

The greenery walls, the glass ceilings, the rustic interior design and the lighting of the whole room just makes Brooklyn winery even more perfect for a wedding ceremony. Words cannot describe the beautiful ambience of this venue or the perfection of the professional staffs, but instead, you need to go to this exceptional, exquisite location and find out for yourself.

2. Bryant Park Grill

The Bryant Park Grill is a restaurant cum wedding venue that hosts lots of ceremonies.  Bryant Park Grill is in the centre of Manhattan, New York City. The Bryant Park Grill is a very convenient location to host a wedding because of its location.

It features a holding space of up to 210 guests, an outdoor garden, which is hard to come by in a momentous city like New York is available. The available menu at the restaurant is such that will tantalize your palate. Feel free to check out the Bryant Park Grill at any time for more enquiries about booking a space.

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3. Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue

The Manhattan Penthouse is located on Fifth Avenue and 14th street. The Manhattan penthouse features an 8,000 square foot Beaux-arts sophisticated building that can house 200 guests. This beaux-arts building is opened and offers a 360-degree view of the city.

Catering services can be gotten in-house. What we love the most about this location is the perfect mix of modern loft with historic elegance.

4. Midtown Loft and Terrace

The Midtown Loft and Terrace is located In New York City, the fifth avenue to be precise. The Midtown Loft and Terrace is a perfect location for holding a perfectly elegant wedding.

It features a 4,000 square foot Terrace space, a retractable rooftop, so this venue is perfect all year round.  The loft space as well can be used in various ways and designed to suit your wedding style.

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5. MyMoon Restaurant

The last on our list of the best wedding destinations in New York is the MyMoon restaurant. The MyMoon restaurant is a stylish Williamsburg, and Brooklyn restaurant. This restaurant can hold up to 150 guests or less.

The food, cocktail, photo ops, the garden space, the exceptional service, and so much more makes this location more perfect for a New York wedding.


There is no doubt that NYC offers much more for almost every facet of life. You can be sure that you will have a swell time if you pick any of the venues we have described here.

Do You Love Fishing? These Are The Top 5 Fishing Destinations of Scotland

The 5 Best Fishing Destinations of Scotland

There are thousands of freshwater lochs and different rivers suitable for fishing activity in Scotland. However, some are naturally blessed than others in relation to convenience and great natural features.

It is therefore important to know the specific locations where fishing can be enjoyed if part of your plan is to go fishing in Scotland. The question should then be:  where are the best destinations for fishing in Scotland? Therefore, the following are the best destinations for fishing if you decide to do such in Scotland:

1. Loch Lomond

Looking for the best location for fishing? Loch Lomond in West Dunbartonshire can actually be your destination. Loch Lomond is one of the best places for fishing in beautiful areas. Its auspicious view is an attractant for visitors from any part of the world.

It characterizes a cool place for fishing, constant boating rides, and natural features. The landscape provides a great advantage for fishing. It’s a place you will enjoy by the virtue of being surrounded by lovely things including the pearly blue sea.

2. Balmule Fishery

Balmule Fishery is s natural blessing in Fife. As a perfect location, it gives rooms for all levels of fishermen; that is, it welcomes both the experienced and the beginners.

It’s one of the best destinations you can take your family and possibly friends. At Balmule Fishery, different kinds of fish can be collected such as blue and brown trout, and rainbow fish. To double the enjoyment of tourists and funseekers, there are pools for children and adults. Enjoyment at Balmule Fishery is at its peak!

3. Loch Tummel

At Loch Tummel, apart from fishing, nature blessed the surroundings with an auspicious view of greenery and lakes. This is a view that remains in your head for a very time! Loch Tummel in Pitlochry is a perfect location for pike, brown trout fish or perch.

The natural features of the surroundings make fishing an exciting activity. Loch Tummel is a nice recommendation for fishing destinations in Scotland.

4. Craufurdland Fishery

Craufurdland Fishery is one of the best UK destinations for tourists. You can go fishing in here when you come to Scotland for the holidays. Craufurdland Fishery is home to different varieties of fish such as rainbow fish and blue and brown trout. Craufurdland is on the Craufurdland estate not far from Ayrshire.

Fishing is an easy engagement as you can either fish from the banks or on the boat.  It’s a place that supplies everything for tourists’ convenience. There are places where you can get refreshed with a desirable drink after the tour of the day.

5. River Ness

Everyone prefers a good place for the holidays. The river Ness is another stunning location that you will love for fishing. It’s eco-friendly located in the greenery of Inverness. It’s a special place to fish for trout or Salmon.

For your holidays, there are facilities and comfortable shelters that will make your stay an unforgettable one. As a distinct fishing location, the river ness is described as one of the best places for fishing. You don’t want to miss the natural picturesque endowment.


These fishing spots make the experience of anyone visiting Scotland worthwhile. There is no doubt that these attractions have contributed to the glowing tourism rating of the land of the Scots. Surely, for an aquatic life enthusiast, any holiday here will surely serve up memories that could last a lifetime.

Do You Love Adventure? Here Is A List of The Top 5 Mountain Climbing Spots In The USA

Mountain climbing has something for everyone, whether you’re an elite alpinist or a novice mountain climber. You benefit from mountain climbing with the wide array of aesthetic and natural views of the wild, but you will also be getting a full-body workout.

Mountain climbing helps to strengthen your endurance and mental toughness. Just before you head out for a rewarding and exhilarating mountaineering trip, it’s essential to do some planning. So, to get you started, here is a list of 5 best mountain climbing spots in the USA.

1.     Mount Rainier

Located at Washington, Mountain Rainier is one of the tallest mountains in the cascading range. It is 14,411 feet tall, and you can see the mountain from Seattle.

It is one of the most well-known peaks in the United States. Mount Rainier is the fifth highest mountain in the United States. It is a bit difficult to climb because of its 13,000 feet relief. The best time to climb this mountain is anytime in July and August.

2.    Mount Katahdin

Located at Northeast Piscataquis, Mount Katahdin is only 5,269 feet tall. Because of the height of Mount Katahdin, climbers of all levels can venture on this trip. The best time to climb this mountain is at mid-July.

From the peak of the mountain, you can see Maine backcountry about a mile above sea level at the Appalachian Trail. The most attractive feature of this spot is its blade-like arch connecting Katahdin highest summits. The picturesque view and accessibility to all climbers makes Mount Katahdin one of the 5 best mountain climbing spots in the USA.

3.    Longs Peak

Located at Colorado, Longs Peak is one of the most famous peaks with an elevation of 14,295 feet. Out of the 54 longest peaks in Colorado, Longs Peak remains the most challenging mountain to climb.

During the summer season, the famous Keyhole route is not accessible through July till September. During other seasons, though the renowned Keyhole route is open, it is classified as professional. It is rated as a technical climbing spot because of the snow and ice formation, which will require specialized climbing equipment.

Most hikers start their journey at 3 A.M. so they can reach the summit and make it back before afternoon. There is usually a frequent afternoon thunderstorm which poses a risk of a lightning strike.

4.    Pikes Peak

Located at Colorado, Pikes Peak is the tallest mountain in the southern frontier of Rocky Mountain.

Of the 54 longest peaks in Colorado, it is one of the 5 best mountain climbing spots in the USA to rise above 14,000 feet. Labelled as a National Historic Landmark, Pikes Peak is 14,110 feet above sea level. It might be tough, but the fantastic thing is that there are several ways to reach the summit, and it endures as a major USA destination for sport tourists.

5.    Mount Hood

Located at Oregon, Mount Hood is 50 miles southeast of Portland. It is one of the tallest mountains in Oregon, standing at 11,249 feet above sea level. It is a perfect training ground for mountaineers who are new to snow climbing.

What makes Mount Hood unique is its low altitude and is relatively less technical. But that does not mean you’re to take Mount Hood lightly.


The several mountain climbing spots in the USA appeals to a wide variety of people, and there is no  doubt that tourists have a major attraction to these. When next you have the time-off, make sure you explore any or all of these referenced USA destinations above.

Discover The Leading China Towns of North America

What are the 5 best-known china towns in the USA and Canada?

There are China towns in every major town or city, from America to Europe. China towns are more like small cities within big cities. The bustling and hustling in Chinatown is synonymous to that of Chinese ambiance.

If you want to experience the Chinese culture without going anywhere, then it’s time to turn to China towns. In this article, we would be focusing on the 5 best known China towns in the USA. So without much ado, let’s have a look:

1.     San Francisco

Jiujinshan Tangrenjie Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest in the United States. As soon as you step through the Grant Avenue and Bush Street, you’d feel as though you entered China.

This Chinatown in San Francisco is one of the earliest to exist in the United States. In the late 1980s, it served as an entry port for Chinese immigrants. Today, this little city serves as the centre of Chinese culture and the largest community outside Asia.

2.    New York City

Another one of the fantastic 5 best known China towns in the USA is Niuyue Hua Bu. It is like a hidden gem in New York City as not many people are aware of this Chinese community. Established in the 1940s and with the Chatham Square as its trademark.

This Chinatown is the largest Chinese ethnic community in the western hemisphere. Paying a visit to its crowded streets would make you feel as though you’re in China as there are lots of signs in Chinese. To the north is the famous Empire State Building. You can also pay a visit to Jing Fong restaurant to enjoy Chinese ethnic cuisine.

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3.    Chicago

Located 20 minutes from downtown. This Chicago Chinatown is accessible by water taxi. It has a population of about 70,000. It is also one of the fast growing Chinese communities in the United States. At the entrance to this Chinatown is a classic big red Chinese welcome gate.

Whenever you find yourself at this place, make sure you pay a visit to the Chinese American Museum. Visiting the museum would teach you a lot about the culture of Chinese like never before. Several restaurants here provide delicious and authentic Chinese meals.

4.    Toronto

Located downtown Toronto, this hidden gem ethnic enclave has a high number of Chinese running different businesses.

 Developed originally in the 1900s and is one of the biggest China towns in North America. Toronto Chinatown is a great place to enjoy Chinese lifestyle as you savor the delicious meals.

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5.    Seattle

Seattle is one of the 5 best known China towns in the USA that houses diverse communities. This Chinatown does not house Chinese only but also Filipino, Vietnamese, and Japanese residents.

They are officially called The Chinatown International District of Seattle. Founded in the 1860s when the Chinese visited this city to work as laborer and soon settled there. There are so many places to visit, like Wing Luke Museum, Hing Hay Park and so on.

Last Words

There is no doubt that the Chinese have lots to offer the world in terms of culture, technology and global harmony. You will enjoy what is on offer in each of these China towns when you visit.

Do You Enjoy Diving? Here Are The 5 Best USA Diving Destinations

What are the 5 best diving locations in the USA?

Are you currently in the USA? Great, because you don’t have to travel far away to enjoy great diving expeditions. Several diving spots in the USA can make your dreams come through if you truly enjoy the pastime.

The good news here is that our picks today are all exceptional sites in your backyard. There is plentiful access to the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. From temperate seas to warm-water reeds, here are the 5 best diving locations in the USA.

1.     Monterey Bay, California

The Monterey Bay National Marine is one of the excellent marine habitats in California. This pristine area, especially Bluefish Cove and Whaler’s Cover, allows no more than 30 divers in a day. So, if you want to dive here, reservation is necessary.

This beautiful site has several sightings you may not find elsewhere in California, like the rock cod and leopard sharks. Its sheltered coves and clear water make Monterey Bay accessible to all levels of divers.

The water temperature is between 10 to 15 C (50 to 60 F) even during the summer, so get a drysuit. Visibility is also quite decent as it ranges between 3 to 9 m (10 to 30 feet).

2.    Southeast Florida

This region is one of the 5 best diving locations in the USA that offer one of the longest continuous reefs in the West Atlantic. Close to the shore here, the Gulf Stream current flows such that it provides clear and warm water. It surely reminds tourists of the treasures of the Atlantic South and UK destinations.

A lot of the reef is accessible through shore dives. And since both the prevailing current and the reef runs parallel to the shore, drift diving is excellent. When you’re diving between May to September, it’s common to see lots of turtles riding the current with you. If you keep an eye out, you could see a sailfish or shark because the reef is the migratory path of big ocean creatures.

3.    Morehead, North Carolina

Are you an intermediate diver with a passion for wrecks and sharks? Then Morehead, North Carolina, will deliver. For an exhilarating dive, there is a very much intact sunken 180-foot USCG cutter at 110 feet (34m).

The site is straightforward to navigate. And while diving, there are no guarantees as you are very likely to see about 5 to 20 Raggies. Sharks are brought to this site by the Gulf Stream. It also brings with the sharks an abundance of prey. Other wrecks nearby include Atlas, Caribsea, Papoose, and Aeolus.

4.    Bonne Terre, Missouri

For something completely different in this list of 5 best diving locations in the USA, check out Bonne Terre mine. There was a time this site was once used as a lead mine to extract lead for making ammunition.

Unfortunately, the Mine’s resources ran out, and then was abandoned. Without clearing out or packing up, the area flooded with freshwater. Today, divers can dive the Mine with a guide on any of the 24 routes. The water temperature is about 17 C (62 F) all year round. So, you can bring a drysuit or wetsuit.

5.    Flower Garden Banks, Texas

Located 160 km (100 miles) offshores, Flower Garden Banks has three banks at the northernmost part of America’s coral reef. It offers just about any type of fish indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico, and it rides the waves as a top USA destination.

The Flower Garden Banks are so far offshore that it takes up to eight hours to get there on a boat. The wave and current make it quite challenging to dive in and out of the boat. Also, the weather is quite undependable, so it’s best to keep your plans flexible.


Many diving enthusiasts travel across the globe in search of the most exotic water bodies that tickle their fancy. With the USA top picks above, you are set for the best of diving this year and beyond.

Do You Love The Island Life? Here Are 5 Amazing Island Destinations You Need To Visit


The image of islands in our minds conjures dreams of paradise. An island feels like an escape from the mainland hassle and a perfect place for a peaceful rest. All islands are not created equal.

The beauty of some island is its sea around it, while others may be the luxurious jungle. Whatever the reasons may be, we know of 5 best island destinations in the world you need to see. Without delays, let’s jump right into it.

1.     Maldives

This site is one of the 5 best island destinations in the world and home to the world’s most ravishing island. The beauty of this destination is the sea, which makes the islands shine. The Maldives is the planet’s lowest-lying nation with an elevation of no more than 3meters above sea level.

On land, there are so many luxurious resorts that provide the perfect launching point for adventurers. Surfers flock here to ride the uncrowded breaks, one of Maldives greatest assets.

2.    Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, shaped like a giant sombrero, is a South Pacific Lush volcanic island star. In its clear water, you can see sharks, turtles, rays, and fish swimming.

The island is distinctly French with lots of cuisines to match. Snorkeling and diving are excellent in its surrounding reefs. If cost is not a concern, lodge in a luxurious bungalow over the water to bask in good fortune.

3.    Palawan, Philippines

In Philippine, Palawan means paradise. This island destination stretches southwest to Borneo. The sea is so clear, almost jewel-like, as you can see the expressions on the fish from the surface. It’s rustling palms rim, slivers of gleaming white sand, among others, are some attractions to this destination.

Other attractions to this place include the emerald lakes, quaint fishing villages, and unique wildlife. When you want plush resorts in Palawan, Coron is home to them. Palawan’s biggest attraction is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, which is a limestone cave.

4.    Seychelles

Picture-perfect and pristine, Seychelles located east of Kenya, is a place worth the travel. This unspoiled archipelago of granite islands and 115 coral features a list of jungles, powdery beaches, palm-lined, and so on.

About half of the total land area of the islands lies within fish-rich marine sanctuaries. Seychelles is the planet’s richest fishing ground. The spicy Creole cuisine and plush La Digue and Mahe Praslin resorts make it understandable why Seychelles is so alluring.

5.    Santorini, Greece

Last on our list of 5 best island destination in the world is this sea-filled caldera, Santorini. What you’d see mostly in this volcanic cliff are bleached white villas, blue-dome churches, and sprays of bougainvillea.

Resting atop of the black lava cliff in this destination are the settlements Oia and Fira. These two settlements are the island’s most pricey and picturesque destinations. Oia ranks among the most photographed locations in the world. For an unforgettable experience, sail around the stunning caldera surrounded by soaring sea cliffs.


While there are several options to explore around the world, it is our joy that you read our picks of the pack. Have a relaxing time as you discover the sights and sounds in these island destinations.