Visiting New Orleans? Here Is How To Move Around The Land of The Duke Of Orleans

New Orleans is a heritage destination with several attractions that tourists look forward to. How about getting around? Some minibus tipsare provided here.

Destination USA

The famous New Orleans city is situated in the US state of Louisiana has been named after the Duke of Orleans who had ruled as the Regent for Louis XV during the period extending from 1715 to 1723.

Located in southeastern Louisiana spanning the Mississippi, the city and Orleans Parish are flanked by the parishes of St Bernard to the east, St Tammany to the north, Jefferson to the south and west and Plaquemines to the south.

The city is a fairly popular tourist destination and known for its music, cuisine and annual festivals and ceremonies.

In fact, it holds a special significance in the world of music since it is the birthplace of jazz. The primary tourist attractions of the city include:

  • The French Quarter
  • Aquarium of the Americas
  • Audubon Zoo
  • City Park
  • Jackson Square

Why should I take shuttle bus services?

It is not uncommon to lose your way while navigating a foreign land. You can depend on public taxis or buses to carry you to your desired location/locations but there is no guarantee that they will be running at the time when you are traveling.

So, it is always prudent to conduct some research on the Rental Shuttle Buses or minibuses before you are embarking on a tour within a foreign city.

You must be wondering why these mini buses or Rental Shuttle Buses are recommended. Right? Read on to discover.

One of the foremost reasons why the Rental Shuttle Buses is recommended for travelers is because they offer you an ideally exclusive journey — without you having to share your seat or for that matter your prized traveling moments with strangers.

Your Responsibility

Please make sure that before calling up a company offering Rental Shuttle Buses or rental minibuses make sure that you are comparing the quotes offered by different companies.

Besides the prices there is a range of other things that you need to find put about the companies offering Rental Shuttle Buses.

One of your foremost responsibilities in this regard would be to find out about the reputation enjoyed by the company offering minibus or Shuttle bus services. What kind of experience do they have in their respective?

Are their services backed by the expertise of experienced drivers who are well aware of the roads or directions and are capable of handling big crowds?

It is important to consider points like these before choosing a Shuttle bus or minibus company.

A driver of a minibus or Shuttle bus is generally expected not only to drive safely but also to handle large crowd, especially when the minibus services are hired by those organizing business conventions.

The drivers and dispatchers of the Shuttle bus or minibuses can help you organizing your guests in a major way. You can avail lot of information on a Shuttle bus or rental minibus company on the internet.


A minibus typically offers you the opportunity to travel in an environment friendly ambience.

So start researching on the impeccable range of rental minibuses today.


Honeymoons are exciting for newlyweds and they ought to make the best of them. We have some delectable places you can plan and experience here.


The United State is a stunning place within the globe that embodies many pleasant places for human comfort and satisfaction. You can’t just afford to have your honeymoon anywhere; rather you must decide to have the best place to ecstatically explore the moment.

There are lots of great places for honeymoon in US. These places are not only awesome but also affordable in their prices; some even cater appropriately for visitors’ privacy.

You can check the following places out and see why they are splendid and why you will love to be there:


Charleston is in South Carolina which could be seen to be a perfect destination for your honeymoon. Its surroundings are charming having antebellum buildings, streets decorated with oak trees, carriage rides etc.

You don’t want to miss its local beaches including Folly Beach, the isle of Palms, and Sullivan’s Island. You can also want to have the best time for your honeymoon by looking through the local shops to get some things for yourselves.

You can go for bicycle riding and Waterfront Park viewing of which sighting is magnificent seeing the spray fountain. You can be ruminating on the hotel to stay! Let me ease you the stress.

Honeymoon Resorts and Hotels in Charleston are unique places you will love to lodge characterized by serene surroundings and special offers for their customers. 

You can check on the Inn at Middleton Place and the Luxury bouquet hotel where you will experience the astonishing joy of your honeymoon.


 This is seen to be the most popular place and the best place for you to have your honeymoon. It creates a perfect room for relaxation and excitement. It’s a place you can find adventure: surfing and hiking volcanoes.

You don’t want to miss the traditional ukulele music and a luau! Hawaii Honeymoon Resorts and Hotels are some of the best places you will like to assess. The Ko ’a Kea Hotel and Resort at Poipu Beach in Kauai is an auspicious place where you get all the joy you desire.

 Their package on luxury room, food and beverages, spa services and late checkout for couples is one of the best deals you won’t like to lose.


Park City is located at the east of Salt in Utah. It provides adequate opportunities to couple as to enjoy their honeymoon to the satisfying level.

 Being a place known for its mountain resorts and snow-gazed valley, Park city is where you ski, whitewater rafting, moonlight snowshoe tour and sleigh rides.

Get the best of comfort with accommodation packages in Park City Hotel as it brings you under a lovely, warm or cool, comely shelter on your honeymoon.


 Miami in Florida is also a place couples can visit to have the best moments for their honeymoon. We all know that Miami is the most popular spot for vacation in Florida.

The glamorous spas, the tropical oasis, the lavish resorts are what the party hub in Miami is known for. The beaches are locations you enjoy the party.

The restaurants are where you have the best of everything you may have longed for in purposely to enjoy the company of each other.

Last Line

As you plan your honeymoon, be sure to consider these places and have a good time.

You Love Barca?Holiday in Spain with a Camp Nou Experience

Barcelona is a tourist’s delight any day. Here is a taste of what you can expect.

Ardent football fans across the globe are followers of the Spanish La Liga with the thrills and action scenes that it offers.

Many people, who love the Catalonia giants- Barcelona FC, look forward to the opportunity to watch their live games at the Camp Nou.

The Camp Nou is the home grounds of Barcelona FC and it has a sitting capacity of 99, 354 in its expansive grounds. It has the reputation as the largest stadium in the Spanish landscape

Where to Stay around Camp Nou

For most people, the lure of a holiday around the famous Camp Nou is one that carries with it such bated expectations and excitement. There are a range of facilities where you can secure accommodation during the period of your Spanish holiday.

 Whether you prefer the prospect of an inland adventure at the villas or the comfort of an apartment, the pick is yours to make.

Apartments vary in size and description from a 3 bedroom to 5-bedroom size that are within 12 to 50 km of Barcelona. They are fully furnished, complete with swimming pools and needed facilities to make your stay awesome.

The serene environment of the Barcelona countryside and landscape makes it a wonderful destination for tourists from all over the world.

The Villas

There are villas which can sleep up to 13 guests that can be found within the 50km radius of Barcelona and these are a holidaymaker’s delight.

They have facilities like swimming pools and fully furnished rooms that can guarantee you a pampered football vacation in the vicinity of the famous Camp Nou.

Other lodging facilities are also available like castles, cottages and houses which give you a multitude of options to choose from for your Barcelona holiday.

Most of the facilities are within a driving distance of the popular beaches, so you can fulfill all of your beachfront fantasies.

It is also important to note that private pools exist in most of the lodging facilities to guarantee you some privacy if that’s what you desire.

A range of other services are available for your Barcelona holiday while you enjoy the La Liga games at the Barcelona FC home grounds.

The Icing on the cake

The icing on the holiday packages is the availability of guest services to ensure that you are enjoying the convenience of Spanish hospitality during your stay.

Provision is made for dining, laundry and entertainment which you can confirm at the time of your enquiries or booking in respect of the schedule you prefer.

 The tourists who come to Spain from across the globe always have a relishing experience whenever they are on Spanish soil and for you, the thrills of your Camp Nou experience is about to begin.