South African Destinations: Paraglide in Cape Town

Plan a Paragliding Experience

We sometimes dream about having wings to fly across the sky and in an incredible manner.  There couldn’t be a superior spot to encounter the rush than high over the shorelines of Camps Bay and Twelve Apostles or at the Table Mountain high ground. You will be exposed to an amazing experience of paragliding in Cape Town.

Many have engaged in the awesome activity of paragliding across cities and nations with so much revelling. Also, if you choose to have the arrangements of paragliding on your own, you will consider it a splendid occasion with so much fun. It is in addition, an energizing leisure activity.
Incredible Sentiments

Once you soar in the skies, there is no going back, and there is no desire to be elsewhere as you fly above the rest of humanity with incredible sentiments.
If you remember the experience of having your first set of toys as a kid, then you can come close to appreciating what paragliding holds for you.

Paragliding has a set of rules, a couple of dos and don’ts that are needed to be adhered to in order to enjoy the experience safely. Everyone who keeps an eye on prevailing regulations can relive their experiences time and again with a proclivity to soar once more across the skies.

Things to Consider

•    The first step to paragliding in Cape Town is to locate an area with amiable mountain scenery that is profuse with the needed air current and sufficient edge to provide you with an upward pull.

•    The upward air ebbs and flows help para gliders in flying upwards in the airy skies. Often a change in climatic conditions can result in a downward pull, which exerts so much pressure as to result in an unpleasant experience like crashing down.

•    Paragliding can take off from the ground and in flight; you are at close embrace with nature in spite of its obvious perils and circumstance, it remains an overly enjoyable outdoor activity. It particularly brings a sense of bonding to participants as most people enjoy it as a group sport despite the peculiar individual experiences which are sure to last you a lifetime.

•    The game caters for pilots of different age description and gender. Female and male pilots are involved in the age bracket of 17 to 84. Few people will ever take the jump, and in addition experience individual flight, which makes it a personal decision to make. But what is life without adventure?

•    You may have thought-about floating and also hang-skimming, micro-lighting. However everyone bears a few burdens, not just the time it will require learning, yet the expense and proper conveyance provisions.

Paragliding in Cape Town however has numerous preferences, remarkably, over the last three years or thereabouts paragliding apparatus is beginning to wind up in availability and has become more compact. Today the lightest paragliding equipment weighs 2.5kg, and this rolls down pleasantly as a fast reversible knapsack/outfit, simple enough to hang on your own back whilst strolling, biking or driving.

Labor Day Across the Globe



Labor day celebrations are an annual event that is celebrated globally with roots from union  movements cry for reduction of work time and more time for other personal and social engagements. Though the first day in May annually is widely noted as the international work day, however, different countries commemorate the efforts of their workers yearly.  This page views different places as they celebrate a victory that could be considered a global and well-deserved success. It is made easier with cheap air tickets for anyone considering going across the globe .

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Canadians parade but their marches are deeply entrenched in the sands of both traditions and reminisce. The celebration recalls a turn around from rigorous fifty-eight hours weekly labor to fifty-four hours per week. Though pains came before the gains, it is also a day where labor heroes of yesteryears are celebrated though several names may not be remembered to the deeds of these can never be forgotten.

Some of the traditions of Atlantic Canada include soccer and classical labor films. Apart from the regular union activities, its non-union events include; picnics, fireworks, aqua games, etc.

In Jamaica, the day has the dual significance; a public holiday (with its traditional trimmings) and a day of voluntary service to everyone’s immediate environment. The day assumed its second meaning after a clash between divergent trade groups in 1972. This has aided to reduce the emphasis on unionism and has amplified the importance on unity in diversity. The national event takes place on the twenty-third of May annually.

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New Zealanders, celebrated the courageous step of Samuel Parnell every fourth Monday in October. It is now regarded a holiday. This break was previously commemorated on different days in different places in the country before 1910.

June 19 is the day of Trinidad and Tobago. The holiday was birthed from the riots of butlers in 1937.

Syrians celebrate May Day as well as Labor Day on the first of May every year, and it is a nationwide holiday too.

Nigerians share the same celebration pattern with Syria, and the day is generally regarded as a day of rest for the working class.

The first Monday of September is the day laborers don’t labor in the US. It marks the end of summer vacation and the beginning of a new school calendar. After the events, naval officers duck their usual white uniform for the navy blue ones.

In Australia, dates are fixed at the convenience of the states and territorial officials.  It is celebrated on the first Monday in October in New South Wales along with South Australia, second Monday in March in Victoria with Tasmania.  First Monday of March is the western Australians day while Queensland and northern territory have it on first Monday in May.

Celebrations are jolly times whose stones could have been laid on the struggle of others. The Labor Day is a very good instance; the labors of men anxious for better working conditions. When next you celebrate workers try it the Jamaican way. After some years, your locality would be better for it as a group of individuals makes up unions.

Skiing Vacation to Italy

One Vacation to Experience.

The Italian atmosphere is the most brilliant decision one would make in the choice of a place for skiing and vacation at the same time. Being known for their wonderful scenery and recognized over very many other tourist attractions, the Milky Way and the Dolomites are the most interesting places for a person on a skiing vacation in Italy.

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The skiing session starts from December to March, the time of plenty snow of course and almost at the same time of Christmas. It will be appropriate for one to assume that skiing and Christmas go alongside each other.

Spending your Christmas in Italy and at the same time skiing is the most wonderful experience one can have in his or her life time. While the atmosphere is filled with the festival and people in the mood of sharing love and relaxing after a long year of hard work, skiing will be the best alternative of reliving all the pent up stress and at the same time a means of enjoying the season.

The commonest place for skiing for tourist who is not especially conversant with the environment of Italy, are theDolomites. They have good hotels and resorts with beautiful attraction centers for vacationers like Selva Val Gardena, Val Di Fassa, Folgarida, Madonna di Campiglio, Alta Badia, Arabia, Allegheny and Cortina, Sella Ronda. The Milky Way is also an excellent attraction for the millions who visit Italy every year for skiing. In its wake are resorts like clavier, sansicario, Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere

These First rate ski resort found in Italy offer good skiing accommodations as well as restaurants with good cuisine as can be found at home. Vacationers can rest assured knowing that all they have left behind at home are available in Italy.

Skiing in Italy is not as popular as in France, Switzerland, and Austria, but that notwithstanding, Skiing vacations in Italy are usually very relaxed affairs. Being that the Italian culture is very rich in art literature and music; the vacationers will have a lot of things to occupy their nights after a hard and tiring day of skiing. Galas and night parties for the nature of the season are usually common in skiing vacations in Italy

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Skiing in Italy is a perfect option for a Family in vacation who would want to remember such vacations and treasure it as one of the memorable times spent together as a family. There is a place to ski for everyone. There are also very good conditions for children to play, run as well as catch some  fun without coming to harm. For the learner, skiing in Italy is the perfect place to begin. For the intermediaries, opportunities are also limitless and for the experts, the high Alps of the Dolomites are the best options to better your skills.

Aside the other means of relaxing in a skiing vacation, a lot of people could be seen sun bathing. The season is always cold, so a little ray of sunshine is an opportunity for people to change the routine and receive sunlight for a period ,while it lasts




Destination USA; The City of Baltimore


About the city

The largest city of the US state Maryland, Baltimore occupies a position of significance in the entire country for various reasons. Besides, being the largest city of Maryland, Baltimore also counts as the 26thmost populous and the largest independent city of the country. The city is often conspicuously known by the name Baltimore City so as to distinguish it from the nearby Baltimore County.

There are a string of names fondly attributed to the city, owing to variant reasons. The sixth President of America John Quincy Adams dubbed the city as the Monumental City. Its other variant names are Mobtown and the Charm City.

The city has had quite an eventful past since it played a crucial role during the American Revolution with its leaders such as Jonathan Plowman Jr. stirring its citizens to offer strong resistance to the British.

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The important centers of attraction of Baltimore are National Aquarium in Baltimore, Fort McHenry Oriole Park at Camden Yards among others.

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