TRAVELING TO MIAMI? Here Are The 5 Best Road Trips You Need To Experience

Miami is famous for its beaches and all the Baywatch attractions. Beyond these, you may want to try out the road trips, and you will be amazed.


Miami has a great renown that dates back to the days of ‘Miami Vice’ as produced by Hollywood. Aside from being the major center and a leader in finance and in commerce, it also stands out as a melting pot of of culture, media, entertainment and arts.

It could be said to be the best place for you to explore the good and awesome territory of your dreams.

You might have been anticipating going on a road trip; therefore, for stunning and captivating location, Miami is one of the leading USA Destinations.

The following are the five best road trips you can look forward to:

1.Little Havana

 Miami being one of the places for road trips has a magnificent presence that leaves you with an unforgettable memory of splendor.

You may decide to enjoy the moment by taking ice cream to cool off in the Havana.  There can’t be limit to your fun time.

Here, you bask in the joy of the presence; listening to the sonorous music of the Cuban which comes directly from the bar within. You might forget how interesting your own home was if you are here.

2. Wynwood

 Without putting an end to fun of the present, You can quickly move instantaneously into Wynwood where on the sides of the building can be found dumbfounded artwork . This is what nobody will want to miss in his lifetime!.

The Artwork and restaurants are worth viewing coming with fantastic view that is referred to be the perfect aesthetics for the eyes.

This you can do by parking to browse the well made artwork on the edifice which you will never forget till you leave the planet! It is not an overstatement to regard it as one of the five best road trips in Miami.

3.Miami Seaquarium

This is also one of the five best road trips in Miami. You might have visited different places seeing different things; however, the fact remains that Miami seaquarium is one of the best places you can go to explore the pulchritude of God –made items.

 It’s a place to see an Orca whale; and who don’t want to see an Orca whale?

 Not just seeing; but seeing it closely: this is the best way of accessing what is worth seeing.

There are other offers that are available for explorers for an indelible memory of what they see on seaquarium.

4.Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West, Fla.

 The overseas Highway was once the East Coast Railroad line. This former road was destroyed and has now become a road that you journey on in less than four hours coming from Miami.

As travelers on this road you need to give yourselves enough time to visualize the beauty of the scenery.

This is one of the reasons it is classified among the five best road trips in Miami. To satisfy you in a very pleasing way, there are chips, fish and cold beer that can supplement your pleasure.

5. South Beach

 This is another special location for the best sightseeing when on the road trip. This is incredible to really see at a close range what a beach really looks like.

You might want to give it a trial and   then see how fantastic it is to be in a flamboyant environment accessing the things of nature in the most comfortable way!


Miami is renowned for its sunny days, and beyond that, you can also enjoy the best road trips possible.Enjoy!

Attracted By Warm Weather? Come Over to Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield is an alluring destination if you are a fan of warm weather. It is a pleasant city for tourists from around the globe.


Nightfall in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is located close to the San Joaquin Valley (near its southern end) in the Kern County of California.

The city is particularly known for its diverse economy which features substantial returns both from oil production and agriculture.

It’s the 52nd largest city in the country (and ninth in California) and the county seat of Kern County. Besides, oil and agriculture other profitable sectors of this city are:

• Aerospace
• Natural gas
• Energy extraction
• Distribution
• Food procession
• Petroleum refining
• Mining
• Manufacturing

The chief points of interest in the city are Kern County Museum, Buck Owns Crystal Palace, California Living Museum, Fox Theater and others.

It enjoys a desert climate with short, moist and cool winters along with long, dry and warm summers.

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Aerial view of Bakersfield

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USA Coach at the background

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