In Summer, You Can Experience The Great Outdoors With These 5 Best USA Hiking Routes

There are so many hiking routes in America. It’s almost like every state has thousands of incredible routes waiting for you to discover.

American deep hinterlands are unique to hike with diverse landscapes within its borders like mountains, forests, deserts, and thousands of coastlines.

You are about to discover the 5 best USA hiking routes you need to visit. So let’s jump right in.

1.Lost Coastal Trail California

The Lost Trail, California

This trail is 24.6 miles or 39.6km long. It takes between 3-4 days to complete the hike. The best time to hike this trail is during the fall. Located in Northern California, this trail got its name because it is kind of lost and forgotten.

This section of the coast runs into Humboldt County from Northern Mendocino. It is the most extensive undeveloped coastline outside Alaska in the USA. This hike is one of the best hikes in the USA because it’s a remote location. It is unique to the people in a state of almost 40 million people, and you’d love it there.

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2.Toronto Trail: Arizona (Grand Canyon National Park)

Fedors Image

This trail is 70 miles or 113 km long. It takes between 4-6 days to complete the hike. The best time to hike this trail is during winter, fall, and spring. It is best to avoid this trail from August to July because of the extreme heat.

This trail is perfect for people who want to experience the Grand Canyon from within the Canyon itself. Officially classified as South Rim Hike. The Toronto Trail runs from Garnet to Red Canyon.

3.Trans Catalina Trail California

fun Life Image

This trail is 38.7 miles or 62km long. It takes between 3-5 days to complete the hike. The best time to hike this trail is all year round, except during the summer, because it would be scorching.

The Catalina trail is one of the 5 best USA hiking routes that is pretty exposed throughout the whole course. Catalina Island is 22 miles south from the mainland with a rugged interior away from the world.

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4. Mount Katahdin, Maine

This trail is 2.4 to 9 miles long, depending on where you decide to start and end the hike. It takes a day or about 8-12 hours to complete the trek. The best time to hike this trail is during summer.

The trail is very steep and slow going in places like the so-called Knife’s Edge Trail. An ascent of the Katahdin offers you a sweeping view in all directions of the state of Maine’s tallest mountain.

5. Kalalau Trail, Nepali Coast Hawaii

This trail is 22 miles or 35.4km long. It takes around 2-3 days to complete the hike. You can hike this trail all year round. This trail is one of the 5 best USA hiking routes that come with stunning waterfall swimming, beach scenes, and rivers.

Hikers can make the Kalalau Trail, which is a day hike distance to Hanakapi’ai waterfall. To know the whole essence of what the Nepali Coast is all about, you should tackle the entire trail. 


Nature has more than enough for everyone to discover and enjoy. Explore these routes during your next summer opportunity.

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