The 5 Most Visited China Towns in London and Across The UK

In every major city in the world, you’d always find Chinatown, and the UK is no exception. Each Chinatown is diverse, and it’s a guarantee you’d find a combination of culture, authentic cuisine and bustling commerce.

There are different places in the UK you can go to experience eastern lifestyle without long-haul flight. Out of the numerous Chinatowns in the UK, here are the 5 best Chinatown you need to know:

1.     Birmingham Chinatown

Located five minutes’ walk from New Street Station, is the Chinatown Birmingham. This Chinatown is adjacent to Bullring and one of the 5 best China towns in the UK. Founded in the 1950s, Birmingham Chinatown is still a small community. It covers three streets, namely Pershore street, Ladywell walk, Hurst street.

The pagoda stone is a prominent landmark erected in 1998. It takes the form of a seven-storey granite pagoda. Apart from this, most of the buildings have Chinese architectural features like Chinese roofing style.

2.   Liverpool Chinatown

The Liverpool China town is home to the oldest ethnic enclave Chinese community in Europe. At the South of City Centre, you’d find this Chinatown. There are also lots of Chinese businesses here, like facilities for the Chinese community, supermarkets, and restaurants.

You can find a lot of Chinese community like the Liverpool Chinese Christians Disciples Church and the Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church. It is also a notable area with Chinese style architecture. Paifang on Nelson street is a largest arch of that kind outside China.

3.   London Chinatown

In the city of Westminster, London is this ethnic enclave Chinatown. This Chinatown share border with Soho to the north and west.

The eastern and southern part of this Chinatown share border with Theatreland. They have no officially defined size. Currently, they are occupying the area in and around Gerrard Street.

There are several successful Chinese-run businesses in this area, like restaurants, souvenirs, bakeries, supermarkets, and so on. Also, the famous films Ping Pong (1987) and Soursweet (1988) were set in this Chinatown. They are also the first few British-Chinese movies to be shot.

4.   Manchester Chinatown

In Manchester, England in the city Centre is another ethnic enclave Chinatown. The Manchester Chinatown is the second largest ChinaTown in the UK and third in Europe. 

It features an archway in Faulkner completed in 1987. Faulkner is one of the most notable landmarks in Manchester’s Chinatown. There are so many Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, shops and so on.

5.    Newcastle Chinatown

The Newcastle Chinatown is a district of Newcastle upon Tyne. Located at the edge of the commercial and shopping Centre, to the west of the city.

Most parts of the community spread along Stowell Street. It is one of the 5 best China towns in the UK that lies within the historical heart of Newcastle, Grainger Town.

There’s an 11m tall Chinese arch on St. Andrew street. It was built in 2004 by Shanghai craftsmen. Two Chinese guardian lions flank this notable Chinese arch. It also faces the St. James’ football stadium.


The Chinese dominate global commerce in today’s world, and knowing where to reach them could be your open door to great bargains in the UK and beyond.

Do You Love Movies? Here Are The Top Movie Hangouts in Miami You Must Know

Top 5 Popular Movie Spots in Miami

Miami is the second most popular tourist destination in America. This hot summer destination welcomes an average of 16 million tourists every year.

As a tourist in Miami, there are so many fun things to do, like seeing a movie, for example. While there are several luxurious movie spots to choose from, we have made a shortlist you would love.

 Here are 5 popular movie spots in Miami that you should visit.

1.      CMX: The VIP Cinema Experience

Located in Brickell, City Centre, Brickel. CMX, one of the 5 popular movie spots in Miami, features two beautiful lounge areas with big TV screens. It’s not mandatory to buy a ticket before you can watch the dolphins or get a drink. The theater interior design has an industrial feel, and the seats are set far apart by design.

The seats recline so better hope the moves isn’t boring, so you don’t sleep off. As for the food, what you’d find are of the handheld variety like burgers, pizza, and so on.

There is also a full bar with great wine choices like the Etude Pinot Noir, Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay, and so on. You can buy tickets from the CMS app or directly at the theater. You should have a treat and enjoy your time here..

2.     Cinepolis

Located at 3015 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove. Cinepolis Movie Theater is a regular movie theater in Miami, and it comes with an on-demand VIP treatment. Inside the theater are oversized seats and swivel trays that are not particularly sturdy.

The seating arrangement is such that you are a bit closer to your neighbor. There’s nothing too fancy about the food served as you still get the regular taco, paninis, pizza, wraps, and so on. As for the drinks, you can only get wine and beer.

On the weekend, tourists can get ticket at the in-theater service before the movie starts. But during weekdays, you can order your ticket from the staff members that bring you food, or at the bar.

3.     Silverspot Cinema

Located just around 300 SE 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street in Downtown Miami. Silverspot cinema features a stadium seating arrangement. Inside the theater are reclining seats. There is also a full bar, café, and dine in.

 You can get regular food like burgers, tacos, and so on. The theater is wheelchair accessible. To top it all, the cinema makes use of digital projections. You can buy your ticket on your mobile devices.

4.    The Landmark

Located at 358 San Lorenzo Ave, Merrick Park. The Landmark Theater is on the 3rd floor in the park. It features nice comfy reclining leather seats.

 The tickets are reasonably priced. Showing at the cinema are new releases as well as foreign, independent Avant-grade flicks. It has a wheelchair accessible entrance. There is a bar, dine, and the food is excellent.

5.     AMC Sunset Place 24

Located at 5701 Sunset Drive. The AMC Theater, one of the 5 popular movie spots in Miami, makes you experience the movie differently. It features luxurious recliners and rocking spacious seats.

At AMC Theater, you get to enjoy premium offerings like Dolby Cinema, IMAX, and Prime at AMC. Their menu is innovative. At AMC Theater, you can get a range of treats that is more than just movies.


Hopefully, on your next Miami visit, you will be find your way to some of these movie spots, catch a good time and exhale!

Do You Enjoy Winter Holidays? Here Are Our Top Picks For USA Winter Tours


There are different travelers who travel for varied reasons. America is a top destination for people willing to explore varied types of climates. The huge array of destinations across the country leaves many tourists spoilt for choice

Whether your mind is made up as to where to go this winter for your holidays or not, you can be rest assured that we are here to help. Nevertheless, there are some beautiful places that give room for excitement when winter rolls in.

Check out the following places:


Have you ever thought about seeing a glacier, not through pictures but directly where it is?  Matanuska is one of the destinations in US during winter where a glacier can be seen and touched. How wonderful that can be! It is seen to be the largest glacier which is 27 miles long and four miles wide.

This glacier is a two and a half hours’ drive from Anchorage with a close proximity with Glenn Highway. There is an opportunity to snap pictures during the pull-offs. That is really cool.


This is a very gorgeous place to go during the winter. It’s at the West of Heber city. It’s an amusing area for skiing, horse-drawn sleds and where other splendid and flamboyant sights can be explored. Artists annually build the ice castles for aesthetics purposes and for visitors’ exploration.

You can’t resist the charming appearance of such a place. Other things to enjoy are snowmobiling, tubing, Ice skating, snowshoeing, homestead crater, sleigh rides, and Heber Valley Railroad. This is another coolest US destination for winter!.


 The location of Mammoth Cave is at the very best position in Kentucky. It is known to be the longest cave system in the world. It is annually visited annually by about 2 million visitors in which half of them prefer taking a cave tour.

It’s a wonderful destination in US even during winter as it regulates the temperature when the surroundings begin to freeze i.e. it serves as a warm refuge. The cave has a consistent temperature..


Lake Tahoe is high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lake Tahoe is a very nice destination to be for winter as visitors flock it in the winter. It is a place where visitors enjoy to the maximum as they ski, watching of birds, nature hiking and other activities that they can enjoy during winter. Lake Tahoe has over a dozen ski resorts.

The northern part of Lake Tahoe is very serene during winter. Lake Tahoe gets the outpour of about 5 inches of snow annually which gives room for making snowman if nothing is on ground to be done. That is pretty you think? Yes, of course!


Whitefish is located in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana .It’s a lovely place during winter which you will like to explore.

It welcomes close to 2 million visitors annually. There are lots to enjoy and to do at Whitefish being a perfect ski location for ski resorts and shops.

The reflection of the mountain in their state lake is a picturesque view that visitors enjoy. There is winter festival celebrated every year which you love to see.


Winter tours to America are varied and lots in coming, you can make a pick from the recommended spots here and enjoy your time out there in the snow.

Going To London? Here Are 5 Unforgettable Places You Must Visit

As the capital of the UK, London is no doubt a holiday destination that you may decide to explore for either a long or a short stay. This iconic city has held millions of tourists in awe for centuries.

Moving around to see different nice places around the city will definitely leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Some of the places to enjoy whenever you are in London include:

1. Cotswolds

This is one of the best places to visit as you explore London. The Cotswolds’ is just about a 2.5-hour drive from Central London and is convenient to sightsee on road trips.

 The area has a sprinkle of villages, cottages, indie shops and little tea rooms as a tourist group, lone wolf or adventurer. You can’t deny the fact that it stands as one of the five best road trips in London. It is a place that presents you the Slaughter, Tetbury and shop at Arlington Row. It is popular among foreign holiday explorers. 

To make it much convenient for yourself, you can board a train to visit the wonderful places around this lovable UK destination.

2.West Sussex

From London, it’s seen to be around 70-minutes’ journey. To explore and enjoy the best of your road tour, you need to visit West Sussex. It is a very nice region to explore during your London tour.

 Arundel Castle, Amberley Castle and Petworth House are notable picks you can list in your places to visit in London.

3.   The Coca-Cola London Eye

The Coca-Cola London Eye has its location at the heart of the capital, and it is simply iconic and a must-see.  It is 135-meter-high, which makes it the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel; this is seen to be an enduring symbol of the English capital.

As a great global icon among attractions you cannot afford not to see in your lifetime, it has chalked up millions of reviews by tabloids and websites around the world.  As a tourist, you are in for an awesome experience at the London Eye.

As a monument, it has given the city a recognizable pleasant identity. It takes you to a pinnacle in the skies that gives you the glaring picture of the city beneath you. It is therefore regarded as one of the most iconic London attraction.

4.   The Walkie Talkie

 The Walkie Talkie is an incredible monument you can experience in your London tour. It also holds the pride of place as one of London’s latest and largest buildings.

 It is a magnificent building with many floors complete with a Sky Garden on one of its highest floors. You will definitely have the fantastic feeling of being in one of the best tourist delights in the UK.

You can be sure to see the Shard and the Tower Bridge from this awesome edifice. It has Garden’s restaurants where you enjoy drinking and dining; and cafe. The tickets are not sold i.e. access to the Sky Garden is free. However, Visitors must book tickets to access the Garden.

5. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a worthy mention among the most iconic places to see in London. Located in the North of London, only a few places draw the kind of traffic that this alluring London destination commands.

Among holiday explorers, this is one of the most famous open green spaces in London with a delightsome view. In this special location, you will find different trees, cascading greenery, wildlife and open-air swimming pools. It’s a relaxation and sporting event center that you should have on your list of places to visit in London as a tourist.

Last Line

These top 5 spots to enjoy in London are a tourist’s delight any day. As you prepare for your next trip to London, include these among your places to visit, and you will not be disappointed.

Discover The 5 Most Exciting Sailing Routes In Scotland

Scotland has lots of beautiful getaway spots that have inspired many poets and writers. This notable pick among the leading UK destinations in its sheer glory is enchanting. There is no doubt that many lovers of nature just cannot pass it by.

Scotland is such a beautiful country with the vast and enchanting water body, which requires provides quality sailing time. Scotland is popularly rising as one of the top sailing destinations. Here are some of the best routes to experience when sailing across Scotland:


You can choose to go through the Mull of Kintyre or Crinan Canal. This is a popular route to sail through. The route takes you through history with a beautiful landscape. Because of the influx of sailors at regular intervals, pontoon systems and a lot of facilities have been installed.

Depending on whether you are there for the adventure or just a relaxing cruise, the sailing can be as short as five hours or as long as three days. At Gingha, the beaches make you reluctant to say goodbye. You get to explore Loch Tarbert, Kintyre Peninsula, Loch Sween, Shuna, Caolisport and other villages, depending on the charter company. 


Loch Lomond is not just a central holiday spot of Scotland, it is also a serene and beautiful place for a cruise. When the weather is just exactly right, Loch Lomond becomes flooded with sailors.  From a Loch Lomond cruise, one can get a nice view of the otherwise, closed off Eastern shore. You can also get to climb the ‘Ben’.

Going through Inversnaid provides the infamous experience of the ‘Queen of Scottish Lakes.


The Scotland canals are one of a kind in the United Kingdom but the Caledonian Canal sits at the top spot. With a 60 miles expanse, the tranquil and magical scenery is not to be missed. The exhibition of regal wildlife and amazing fun stops are just part of the many quirks of the Caledonian Canal. 

From Inverness to Fort William, the cruise only gets better with the Scottish heritage on display for detailed enjoyment. The hospitality of the Scottish canal staff goes a long way in making the cruise unforgettable.


The West Coast of Skye is the home of a great number of amazing lochs. The coast offers a jaw dropping view, complete with scenic high cliffs. At the north-west of the island is the Uig ferry port while a great number of facilities and harbours can be found on the south end.

Most of the villages and lochs on the routes are now equipped with moorings or pontoons. The view of Loch Harport and the island of Soay are a must see. With attractions like the Dunvegan Castle, the Talisker Distillery, the West coast of Skye promises an amazing experience.


Stromness village in the Orkney islands iStock.

The Orkney Islands is especially great because it is accessible in all tides. Orkney has a lot of Scottish recipes bearing its name, thanks to the many sea-food necessities the water in the area coughs up. If you are on a private cruise, you can ask for the best spots to view the wildlife and catch the breath-taking sunset.

The Ness of Brodgar is of archaeological interest recently with the discovery of Scotish ancestral traces. One can view the Ring of Brodgar as well as the Maeshowe chambered tomb which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Whether you are sailing individually or with a charter company on a cruise, these routes are not exactly set in stone. All of Scotland isles need to be experienced when the season is suitable for it. Surely, you have some great routes for sailing here.

Preparing For A Wedding? Take A Look At These 5 Ideal Venues In Miami

DoubleTree By Hilton

Best Wedding Destinations in Miami

Miami is exceptionally loved for its beachy environment and warm atmosphere. The romantic atmosphere, the cool yet warm breeze and lots more make Miami the perfect location to host a wedding. With lots of indoor and outdoor venues to choose from for that memorable event, you are almost spoilt for choice.

There are lots of activates you can engage in any of the best wedding destinations in Miami. Checking out this list of some of the most recommended wedding venues:

1.     Redland Farm Life

Celebrate a wedding in a farm-like rustic atmosphere at the Redland Farm Life. This five-acre farmland is one of the only farm wedding destinations in Miami. The Redland Farm Life is basically an outdoor wedding venue.

The Redland Farm Life features a covered space just in case of bad weather, although it is an outdoor wedding venue. This wedding venue is also a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to be. There is a butterfly garden somewhere on the farm that makes this location perfect for a wedding.

2.     Newport Beachside Resort and Hotel

The Newport Beachside Resort and Hotel is located on the Sunny Isle Beach. It is one of the best wedding destinations in Miami as you can literally put your feet on the beach sand. The sounds of the ocean waves crashing just behind you, and the cool breeze makes this location a perfect wedding destination. 

The Newport Beachside Resort and Hotel is an outdoor location to host a wedding. Although the wedding reception can be held indoors in the hotel’s ballroom. From the ballroom, you can get a gorgeous view of the ocean.

3.     Sagamore Hotel

The Sagamore Hotel located on South Beach in Miami is one of the best wedding destinations in Miami. It features a classic art decoration style, a rooftop balcony, an outdoor space for the reception and a collection of incredible artworks.

You can hold a wedding ceremony in this prestigious location, as the beach can be used for the reception. The rooftop is also just the perfect location for rehearsal dinners, as it has a modern feel.

4.     Mondrian South Beach

Another pick among the best wedding destinations in Miami to check out is the Mondrian South Beach. The Mondrian South Beach has a modern and ultra-hip feel packed in one location.  This wedding venue gives you the luxury to view Miami’s skyline and the Biscayne Bay, all from the Red Lounge.

The Mondrian South Beach is more appropriately named the Kissing Garden as it features a radically distinctive sultry setting. If you would prefer a more indoors space, there are several of it you can get including 2,600 square feet in Sunset Ballroom and Terrace. 

5.     Bahai Mar Fort Lauderdale

Last on the list is the Bahai Mar Fort Lauderdale. The Bahai Mar Fort Lauderdale is in the Northern part of Miami in Fort Lauderdale. This unique wedding destination features a private garden just at the Intercostals Waterway.

It also features a Picturesque and a site at the dockside for a cocktail. You have a choice of picking between two ballrooms for the reception. Each ballroom can accommodate up to 600 guests.


Weddings happen daily around the world, and as a couple, you can share a memorable nuptial in any of the amazing Miami wedding venues.

7 Iconic Irish Wedding Destinations That Couples Find Unforgettable

Best Wedding Destinations in Ireland

What better place is there to host a large wedding ceremony than in Ireland? One thing you can be sure of is that holding a wedding ceremony in Ireland, large or small cannot get a bad rep of not being up to standard.

There are tonnes of best wedding destinations in Ireland to choose from for a grand wedding ceremony. Having to choose a wedding venue out of the numerous wedding destinations in Ireland can be a bit confusing. But you can check out this list as I have compiled only the best of the best wedding destinations in Ireland.

1. Ballymagarvey Village

Ballymagarvey village is one of the most well-known wedding destinations in Ireland. Located in Co. Meath, Ireland, this classic wedding venue can be used to host a large wedding.

A large crowd of up to 220 guests can be accommodated in this elegant wedding venue. Everything has been set in place in this wedding venue to ensure the wedding runs smoothly throughout the day.

2.  Castle Durrow

The Castle Durrow is a perfect wedding destination for couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a castle-like venue. Located in Co. Laois, Ireland, the Castle Durrow can accommodate up to 185 guests.

This wedding venue gives you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in a luxurious and grand style.

3.  Clonabreany House

The Clonabreany House is more a less a country-house-like venue where couples can actually tie the knot together in grand style. Located in Co. Meath, Ireland, the Clonabreany House can accommodate up to 220 guests.

There is a marquee onsite where the wedding reception can be organised. It is lovely to know that there is no compromise on the details of neither your wedding nor the wedding menu.

4.   Clonwilliam House

Clonwilliam House is one of my favourite best wedding destinations in Ireland. Located in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, this wedding venue can accommodate up to 180 guests.

What makes the Clonwilliam House my favourite is the way and manner the luxury of this venue leaves you and your guest in complete awe of the venue.

5.  Coolbawn Quay

David McClelland Photography

If you want to host your wedding by the lakeside in Ireland, choose the Coolbawn Quay. Located in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, thus beautiful wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 guests.

This unique lakeshore venue has its way of mesmerising its way into the heart of couples. This wedding venue features a large pavilion which is perfect for a scenic picture

6.   The InterContinental Dublin

The InterContinental Dublin is a perfect wedding venue for hosting a large wedding in Ireland. Located in Dublin 4, Ireland, the InterContinental Dublin can accommodate up to 425 guests.

This 5-star venue is just the perfect wedding venue for you to hold that large wedding ceremony. Half of the ballroom can be used, or the whole ballroom, all depending on what you wish.

7.    Castle Leslie

The Castle Leslie is also a great wedding destination for hosting a large wedding. Located in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, the Castle Leslie can accommodate up to 260 guests.

The beauty Glaslough Lake can be sighted from Castle Leslie. So you can choose to host your wedding at Castle Leslie to have a mix of Lakeside and a castle wedding ceremony.


Irrespective of where you decide to hold your wedding in the Irish country,you can be sure to enjoy the serenity and amazing scenery.

Travel Aurora: The City of Relaxation


Aurora city refers to the Home Rule Municipality in Colorado, US. It stretches across Arapahoe and Adams counties with its southeastern portion lying in the Douglas County. The different points of interest of the city include:

  • The Wildlife Experience
  • Aurora Reservoir

The prominent neighborhoods of Aurora are:

  • Aurora heights
  • Lyn Knoll
  • Chadsford
  • Chelsea
  • Aurora Hills
  • Quincy hill
  • Blackstone
  • Hallcraft’s Village East
  • Water’s Edge
  • Heritage at Eagle Bend
  • Tollgate Run at Kingsborough
  • Smoky Hill 400
  • Buckley Air Force Base

It is very important to learn about the various advantages of Rental Shuttle Buses since traveling has become such an important part of our lives. In fact there are people who are almost always on the move—be it for leisure or else for business.

Rental Shuttle Buses prove to be very helpful when you are conducting within-the-city tours in a foreign with a group or for that matter when you are organizing a commercial or social event where you want your guests to be present on time.

The Rental Shuttle Buses or minibuses offer services for traveling to any type of destination—starting from weddings to corporate events to school functions and wine tasting events.

You can obtain a lot of information about these minibuses or Rental Shuttle Buses—their prices, the way they work, the benefits offered by the companies providing relevant services etc. online.

The City Tours

A driver of a shuttle bus or Minibus is typically well trained— not only to drive well but to handle larger groups as well.

They are generally well-versed with the directions and are very alert to handle possible dangers that might take place while you are traveling. The dispatchers of a shuttle bus will help you duly with organizing your guests.

There are many companies out there offering shuttle bus or Minibus services out there. They offer quotes online as well. So, there’s ample opportunity for you to compare quotes offered on the minibuses or shuttle bus services and choose an affordable option.

You can get all the comfort of a customized traveling experience by opting for a dependable shuttle bus or Minibus service.

The rental minibuses are this worth an investment in every sense of the term.

Did we tell you that these minibuses are eco-friendly as well? So, you can actually feel good about doing your bit for the health of the planet even while traveling! So pick you Minibus company wisely!

Best Wedding Destinations in California

California is the third largest state in the USA, with so many people having a surfeit of locations to pick from. Are you planning to having a wedding in California?

Well, that is wonderful, but I bet you do not know the exact location in California to use. When it comes to the best wedding destinations in California, there are tonnes of them ranging from the rustic, the desert, the vineyard, the beach, and the mountain.

Choosing out of the numerous destinations can be a real hassle. But allow me to make things easy for you, as I have picked out of these numerous wedding destinations in California the best of the best that would suit your style.

1.   Santa Margarita Ranch, Santa Margarita

The Santa Margarita Ranch is located in Santa Margarita, California. The Santa Margarita Ranch is a 900-acre land sited on a grassy hill. Lots of couples have actually said “I do” in this beautiful nature-friendly location.

This wedding destination is perfect for couples that want to have a rustic wedding ceremony. The dance and dinner can be held at the Asistencia Barn, while a vintage Disneyland train shuttle guests between locations in the ranch.

2.   Arista Winery, Healdsburg

The Arista winery is one of the best wedding destinations in California you need to check out. Located in Healdsburg California. The Arista winery features a trio of event spaces. The dance and dinner can be held at the Oak Grove.

The oak trees that have been standing there for centuries, cocktail sipping, the tiered lawn, and soaking yourself in a Russian river valley from the pavilion makes this location a perfect relaxing and romantic wedding destination.

3.   The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hilton located in Beverly Hills; California is a contemporary wedding destination. For those that desire a wedding ceremony at a location where in the ballroom where awards have been handed out; the Beverly Hilton is your best bet in California.

With the golden globe menu being served at this exquisite location, you cannot go wrong. At the Stardust Penthouse, you can cut a rug, à la Sofia Vergara.

4.   The Carneros Inn, Napa

The Carneros Inn is located in Napa, California. In all, 86 of the Carneros Inn features 450 square foot cottages. In each cottage, you get a fire pit, a private garden and an outside shower. The Carneros Inn is a perfect wedding destination for couples to get closure together.

Couples can choose between a hilltop dining room and an apple orchard room to host their wedding. The dining room can accommodate up to 80 guests, while there is also a room for larger crowd of 175 guests.

5.   Catalina Island

Lastly on the list of best wedding destinations in California is Catalina Island. The ocean, the beach, the architecture, the fun and adventure the Catalina Island gives make this wedding destination unique.

There are lots fun places to check out in the Catalina island like the 1929 casino, the island Spa, and at the Catalina and Descanso Beach Club’s you can get a ballroom to host a wedding ceremony. One sure thing is that this island would always have a fun adventure for you.


Now that you have a shortlist to work with, you need to size up your budget, make your inquiries, and pick a spot. You will have a great wedding at any of these venues. All the best!

Best Wedding Destinations in Scotland

When it comes to choosing the best wedding destinations in Scotland, a lot comes to play depending on your choice.

If you prefer to have your wedding in a nuptial festival style, or Disney themed, Scotland got you covered. Out of the numerous perfect wedding destinations you can choose from, here are my top five (5) favourites of them all.

1.      Cambo House & Estate – Fife & Angus

The Cambo House and Estate are one of my best wedding destinations in Scotland in the United Kingdom. This wedding destination is a perfect wedding destination to give your wedding that burst of beauty, charm and romance.

The Cambo House and Estate feature 17 bedrooms, 3 cottage and 2 luxurious glamping tent. There are also various sites where couples can actually tie the knots.

From a Victorian room for entertainment to a whimsical woodland with an open fire. Basically, there is no style of wedding you desire the Cambo House and Estate cannot accommodate.

2.      BAad Glasgow – Glasgow

The BAad Glasgow, located in the heart of Glasgow’s Barras market. This wedding location is versatile for all kinds and styles of wedding ceremonies. The interior decoration is top notch, with natural ambient light flooding the room.

The interior courtyard features a parquet mezzanine area where you can take as many pictures as you wish. Foods are being served by the award-winning restaurant and bar, the A’Challtiann Fish. Definitely, every moment spent at the BAad is memorable.

3.      Glen Tanar Ballroom – Aberdeen & Deeside

The Glen Tanar Ballroom located in Aberdeen and Deeside, Scotland is a perfect spot for hosting a wedding ceremony. This wedding venue is perfect if you want to give your wedding that spark of charm.

The Glen Tanar Ballroom features a breathtaking, stunning Victorian ballroom that is beautifully decorated with about 600 stag Antlers.

There is also the hall that can accommodate up to 160 guests. 10 minutes’ walk from the venue gets you to the Chapel of St Lesmo where you can consummate your wedding.

4.      Springkell – Dumfries Galloway & Ayrshire

Celebrate your wedding ceremony in a grand style at the Springkell. Located in Dumfries Galloway and Ayrshire, Scotland. This beautiful Palladian mansion is a magnificent wedding venue to host a memorable wedding.

 The Springkell features 3 wedding packages. You can also accommodate up to 400 guests at this venue. This simply means that you can invite your friends, and family not having to worry about space.

5.      Logie Country House – Aberdeen and Deeside

Last but not least is the Logie Country House. In this list of best wedding destinations in Scotland, this is the only wedding venue in a castle.

The castle date back to the 17th century but was renovated in 2009. The Logie Country House features an outdoor hot tube, an indoor pool, cinema, and up to 15 bedrooms.

This location is perfect for couples searching for a mix of grandeur, relaxation, and history. This venue can also hold up to 150 guests. The only struggle is making the guest leave this beautiful Logie country house after the wedding is over.


There are more wedding destinations to explore in Scotland. You can add your ideas to the comments section.