Still A Fan of The Great Outdoors? Here Are The Top 5 American Mountain Range You Cannot Forget

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The Mountain Range Delights of North America

When it comes to picturesque views and awe-inspiring destinations, there’s nothing more amazing than mountains. The massive formation of ice, snow, and rocks has a way of drawing us closer. It captures our attention to an extent we wouldn’t want to let go anymore. I

n every continent, there’s equally an incredibly beautiful mountain range to visit. And let’s also not forget that the USA is home to some of he best mountain range on Earth. So, if you’re struggling with the best mountain range to visit, here are the 5 most awe-inspiring USA mountain range destinations you can visit.

1.     San Juan’s Mountain, Colorado

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This part of the Rocky Colorado Mountain located Southwest Colorado is one of the underrated places in the country but the most beautiful. It is one of the 5 most awe-inspiring USA mountain range destinations and home to several 14,000-foot mountains like Mount Wilson and Mount Sneffels dominating the landscape. Generally, San Juan is a beautiful, dramatic and jagged location.

In the Colorado Rockies, they are the most beautiful section with an excellent climate. Its climate allows for lush Aspen Grove to grow and rows of pine creating an awe-inspiring colour and texture. This area is also home to the historical, beautiful ski resorts and mountain towns like Ouray, and Telluride.

2.    Tetons, Wyoming

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The Tetons is a section of the Rocky Mountains located at the Northwest of Wyoming. It is isolated from cities. The closest town to this destination in Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is one of the most exceptional USA destinations loved by tourists. It features world-class fishing, skiing and lots of outdoor activities.   Beyond the Ames Monument, which of course is a landmark, the Tetons hold its special attraction for many drawn to the wilds.

Tetons is right at the footstep of Yellowstone National Park and centred in Grand Teton National Park. It rises 7000 feet above Jackson Hole. Tetons is also home to some crystal clear, and deep Snake River and mountain lakes, parallel to the mountains. Its protected, and pristine mountain ecosystem houses diverse wildlife unique to American West.

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3.    Sierra Nevadas, California

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In California, Sierra Nevadas is one of the 5 most awe-inspiring USA mountain range destinations to visit. It is home to one of the tallest mountains in the continent of the USA, Mount Whitney. Many people know about Fort Churchill as a famous  USA destination in Nevada but they might know little about the Sierra Nevadas, which lovers of the mountain range cannot forget.

Mount Whitney rose about 14,505 feet and joined by other beautiful destinations like Kings Canyon National Park, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sequoia National Park, Alabama Hills and Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a destination in the USA renowned for its turquoise, pristine water which gives you a feeling of being in the Caribbean.

4.    Cascade, Washington, Oregon and California

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Located in the famous Pacific Northwest Region of the USA. This region is well known for its beautiful mountains, coastal wonders, temperate rainforest, and lush green. It stretches from British Columbia to California.

The south range of this destination is home to some world-class mountain like Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, and Mount Shasta. While all some people know about California might just be LA, there is more to see. The Lost Range Trail remains a wonder to track that some renowned global hikers always refer to it as iconic. So, for Cascade, it is a tantalizing icing on the cake.

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5.    Alaska Range, Alaska

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Although it is far up North in Alaska, and challenging to access, Alaska Range is still worth an explorers attention. It is one of the 5 most awe-inspiring USA mountain range destinations, most rugged and incredible remote mountain in the North to visit. While Mount McKinley holds a pride of place in Alaska, hikers surely revere the Alaskan Range.

This destination is the backbone of North America because of it is home to one of the tallest mountains on the continent, Mount Denali. Mount Denali is more than 20,000 feet tall. The weather in this destination is one of the harshest in the world as it receives heavy snowfall in winter.

Last Words

Irrespective of where you chose to end up among the highlighted mountain range here, you can be sure that these touchstones are recommended by some of the world’s best known mountain climbing and hiking stars. Have a beautiful time up there.

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Are You A Fan of Exotic Weddings? These Are The Leading UK Wedding Destinations In Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is one of the best cities in Scotland to tie the knots with your partner. With so many luxurious hotels, and intimate venues, and cool event spaces and grand styled halls to choose from, you would be spoilt you for choice.

Apart from maintaining its standing as an age-long civilisation, this city has so many sights and sounds to keep tourists busy.

What To Consider Before You Decide

Edinburgh has several home stay facilities in addition to hotels, dinner venues, and lots of amusement centres. Before you decide on your wedding venue, you should determine how close it is to major mass transit terminus.

If the venue, is remote, you might want to decipher if the means of transportation won’t be too costly. Otherwise, it will be right to let guests know ahead of time to make their own preparations for commuting.

As a tourist, you might want to find out first of all if there is close wedding registry or if the venue has got an officiating wedding minister on call. All these might seem minute, but you do not want to be caught off guard when you are left with a few weeks to look for one.

The weather is also a major consideration when timing your weddings. In the heat of summer, you might be comfortable with the summer rains. However, when it is winter and it is blistering cold, the outdoors might be not a good setting for a wedding. This is when you may decide to make a pick from the indoor weddings around Edinburgh.

The Leading Edinburgh Wedding Venues

Out of the numerous great wedding destinations in Edinburgh that hug the headlines, we bring you the venues to explore.

1.   The Best Western Plus Bruntsfield Hotel

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Coming to this wedding venue, guests will be thrilled at how spick and span it looks.  Cardoon suite was renovated to bring to you this contemporary, fresh venue, the Best Western Plus Bruntsfield Hotel.

This hotel cum wedding venue is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony in Edinburgh. The hotel’s hall can accommodate up to 100 guests. The team of wedding organisers can also decorate the conservatory for you, which is very spacious space and bright with natural light.

2.   The Glencorse House and Old Kirk

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The Glencorse House and Old Kirk is an exciting wedding venue to explore in this leading UK destination. sited in a location overviewing the Pentlands and at outskirts of Edinburgh. Quite a few wedding ceremonies have been hosted in the Glencorse House and Old Kirk so you can rest your mind as they are quite experienced at what they do.

Be it an elegant but informal wedding ceremony you desire or a romantic but lively, or even an organised but non-stressful wedding ceremony, you can be sure to get it at The Glencorse House and Old Kirk.

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3.   The Malmaison Edinburgh

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Malmaison Edinburgh is one of my best wedding destinations in Edinburgh. This wedding venue beautifully sits by the water of Leith. The Malmaison Edinburgh features a spectacular event space, up to 100 bedrooms where you can book your guests in, a cool bar, a view of the water and much more makes this venue perfect to tie the knots.

At this venue, you will get all the help you need from the experienced team of chef and wedding planners from this venue to work with you.  It is also great to know that at this venue you get to enjoy a cocktail, champagne, breakfast, accommodation and much more.

4.   Norton House Hotel

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Just past the Stone Gatehouse and into the windy tree-lined drive, would make you imagine no other better best wedding destinations in Edinburgh than the Norton House Hotel. This beautiful wedding destination in the Scottish city of Edinburgh features a hotel and a spa.

From the flowers to the photography, down to the carts or cars makes this wedding destination unique and sought after among the leading UK destinations you can find in Scotland. The many main rooms can be used for a civilised wedding so you can ease your mind at the Norton House Hotel for you can get it all in one package there.

5.   Ghillie Dhu

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The Ghillie Dhu is a bit difficult to describe. This is that type of wedding venue that gives you a chill and makes you feel butterfly in your belly. This beautiful wedding destination is just perfect for a romantic wedding.

The Ghillie Dhu is sited in a former historic church. The auditorium of this wedding venue is spectacular and perfect for that romantic wedding you have been watching in movies or dreaming about. Whether you are a fan of iconic sites or just someone fascinated with religious places, you surely have one to indulge here.

Last Words

Irrespective of where you decide to use among these leading destinations, you can be sure you will have a splendid experience that you will be proud of. So, start planning and bookmark this page for the grand details.

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In Late Summer, Fishing In North America is Great Fun. Here Are The Top 5 USA Destinations You Cannot Forget

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The 5 Best Fishing USA Destinations

Looking for the perfect opportunity to unwind? Then it’s time you go out fishing. Fishing is an exciting outdoor recreation you can do alone or with family and friends. Fishing might seem a bit too difficult at first, but fishing at an ideal spot is a big game-changer.

Why Go fishing?

There are several reasons you may want to explore fishing, apart form being a good way to explore the outdoors, you have a reward if you end up with a good catch. They psychological benefits are all too inviting to ignore. The Adrenalin rush will help boost your blood circulation and also help you relax.

So, whether you want to stand by a lake and fish the good -old fashioned way or paddle a canoe a bit mid -lake, you have a chance to win the fish draught. The era of speed boats has long come upon us and now engine-powered boats makes it easier to venture mid-sea. The convenience of the watercraft of different types makes fishing more of a sport to experience.

There are numerous excellent fishing spots in America. Here are the 5 best fishing USA destination.

1.      Alaska

Located northwest of Canada is the most sparsely populated and largest US State, Alaska. Alaska is famous for its mountains, forests, diverse terrains and more importantly, rivers. This state boasts a large landmass that grabs global attention all-year round.

Typical attractions in Alaska include Denali, Glaciers and Whale Watching. For anyone who is an aquatic fan, you will have enough to bargain for here if you decide to go fish hunting in this USA destination for fish lovers.

Alaska features up to 6,640 miles of coastline. If we add the thousands of islands that cut off from the continent and sea dots, the figure will increase.

Alaska will estimate close to 47,300 miles of tidal shoreline. Meaning there are many places to fish here. It does not even include streams, lakes, and rivers. 

2.      Montana

When it comes to the 5 best fishing USA destinations, fishing in Montana is a dream come true. It feels like you wade into a pebble-filled trout stream or) crystal clear lake. The most explored fishing spot in Montana is the Flathead Lake or the Paradise Valley.

As you cast your line into the water waiting for the big catch, you can take a moment to see the mountain cascade around. Or you could also catch a glimpse of Montana wildlife. Generally, there are so much to feed your eyes in amazement as you have a relaxing fishing time.

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3.      Florida Keys

There are many sides to Florida. It is a reputed destination for warm outdoors and excellent waterbodies. A few people might be ware that this America state has its share of fishing funspots.

 Florida Keys is an island known for Snorkeling and Key West. The Florida Keys is popularly known as the capital of fishing in the world. It attracts so many anglers year-in-year-out.

Although over 50 fishing tournaments are held here this destination, nevertheless, it boasts a bounty amount of marlin, and tarpon. The sky is your limit when it comes to fishing in the Florida Keys.

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4.      Kenai

Kenai is a coastal city in Alaska City, southwest of Anchorage. For a good reason, the Kenai River is one of the most well-visited destinations in Kenai. The Kenai River is particularly renowned for its salmon fishing.

The Kenai River is so blue because of the ultra-fine silt. Out of the 5 best fishing USA destinations, Kenai is one where you can find lots of world-class fishing spots just off Alaska Highway. Generally, Kenai supports the most diverse and perhaps the largest freshwater sport fishing opportunities.

5.      Wyoming

Lastly, Wyoming is one of the 5 best fishing USA destinations worth visiting. Wyoming is a western US state known among tourists for its rocky mountain, vast plains, and the famous Snake River.

It features over 27,000 miles long of wild river that is fishable. Its trout streams slice is crystal-clear in this sparsely populated state. Its trout lakes sparkle amidst high mountain meadows and soaring peaks.

The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming holds one of the planets highest concentrations of public streams and lakes. This tourist delight is reputed as one of the leading USA destinations globally.


Whether you love fishing just for recreation alone or as a vocation, you will surely have a great time at any of the destinations presented above.

Feel free to share your opinions and outcomes below.

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Bored or Looking For A New Outdoor Delight in The Great Wilds? These Are The 5 Biggest Hunting Grounds of North America To Explore

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North America is a continent where wild beasts are aplenty, offering lush vegetation and rugged cliffs. These present the great outdoors that many men enjoy to go after. North America features expansive grasslands, deep forest, gnarly canyons, and towering mountains.

Why settle for the same 100 acres of deer hunting year in year out. It is time to start dreaming big, saddle up, lay plans, and grab your adventure. Epic hunting adventure isn’t for everyone, but for those who dare to go hunting, North America is a place to start.

While some folks hardly have the leverage to hunt where they live, going afield during vacations opens up a new lease of life for this to take place. In this article, we’d be sharing with you the 5 biggest hunting grounds of North America.

1. Mountain Goat Backpack Hunt, British Columbia

Have you ever seen a mountain goat before? If you haven’t, you can see one up close when you go hunting in one of the 5 biggest hunting grounds of North America, British Columbia. Hope backpack hunting and hiking is your thing as you’d be doing a lot of it in British Columbia.

When packing your backpack, think ultra-light everything. Most of your time will be around, on, or in rocky spires, ledges, and cliffs. You’ll be sharing an action-packed experience with mountain lions, wolves, black bears, and grizzly bears also. And with a little bit of luck, you might probably see caribou, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and moose too.

2. Elk Wilderness Horseback Hunt, Montana

There is nothing as fascinating as a classic Rocky Mountain horseback elk hunting. It even gets more enjoyable when you do it from a canvas tent camp, with campfires, wood-burning stoves, and starry skies. Some hunting spices you can find in Montana includes white-tailed deer, black bears, pronghorn antelopes, and bison, among others.

There are also excellent hunting spots for waterfowl and upland birds. During the September rut is when you can have the ultimate elk hunt.

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3. Plains Pronghorn, Wyoming

The pronghorn antelope isn’t an antelope even though it looks like one. The pronghorn antelope is one of the second-fastest land mammals known in the universe. Wyoming is a location where you can find more pronghorn antelope than in any of the 5 most significant hunting grounds of North America.

There are also plenty of plain public lands where you can pursue most of these pronghorns. Hunting in this location is quite affordable, and one of the perfect places for initiation into western hunting.

4. Quail Trifecta, Arizona

Just like most western states, Arizona has many public spaces for hunting.  In this area, you can decide to go for the small and big game. Small game are the likes of the cottontail squirrel, seasonal migratory birds as well as the ever-ubiquitous quail, Quail hunting is widespread in Arizona as they are sprinkled across the area on elevation and rainfall.  And on the lowland, there are deserts of catclaw brush and cacti, which are Gambel’s quail habitats.

As for big game, you have the likes of the bighorn sheep, elks, mule deer, javelina as well as turkey and mountain deer, among others.  Like most states, you will need a hunting permit to hunt except you are in area where there are no restrictions. The good take here is that Arizona allows hunters to go after the prey all through the year. Just be sure you the right license and information

5. Late Season Pheasants, South Dakota

If you want the ultimate upland pheasant’s hunt, there you should start planning to go to South Dakota. South Dakota remains the capital of the world when it comes to pheasant hunting. But be careful when you choose a spot to hunt at South Dakota, as there are so many preserves. To pull off the best adventure at South Dakota, know your birds.

The big game that Dakotans and tourists go after are the mule deer and the whitetails. Tourists are non-residents often go after coyote, doves, prairie dogs, ruffed grouse, foxes, geese, and ducks, among others. As a tourist, it is important to know what to hunt and what you are allowed to go after under the law.

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It is heartening to note that in most hunting locations, while you could have the laws steeped against you, you will still find an elbow room to hunt a few game within the ambit of the law. Where you are not allowed to hunt, you can join up with the hunting party and enjoy the expeditions.

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In London,The Old Meets The New In This City That Reinvents Itself

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London is reputed greatly as the seat of power of the old British Empire. It is both the largest and capital city of United Kingdom and Europe which was affirmed by the population census conducted in 2016 which gave the record of more than 8million inhabitants.

London is called different nicknames such as ‘’The City’’ and ‘’The Smoke’’, and It got these names based on the pollution from coal fire.


London was founded by the Romans around 50 AD. Its name is coined from the Celtic word Londinium, meaning that, a place of the bold one. The Romans erected a wall across the Thames, when British were forcefully invaded in 43AD.

An attempt to destroy London surfaced in 61 AD when Queen Boudicca led a war to the city where many houses were burnt. Although, London was rebuilt by the rich people after the rebellion to retain the city’s glow.

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Governance in London is into two phases; the Greater London Authority and he thirty-three (33) smaller authorities. GLA is comprised of two parts. We have Mayor of London, who is embedded with executive powers, and the second part is the London assembly who puts the decision of mayor of London into thorough scrutiny by either rejecting or accepting the budget proposal.

The thirty-three local authorities on the other hand are the collections of the thirty- two (32) London borough council and the City of London Corporation. They are mainly in charge of services not examined by GLA.


The importance of the economy of London cannot be underrated. The stability and advancement of the United Kingdom’s economy wouldn’t have gotten to the point it is today, without the quota that is being contributed from the London’s economy. According to the Office for National Statistics’ Inter-department Business Register, it was gathered that about 14,385 businesses function in the city of London.

 In 2012, city was recorded to have gainfully employed more than 400,000 people. The city of London’s own data recorded that the financial services sector contributed E65billion as tax in the year 2012 to 2013. Although there are existences of other businesses in London, but when it comes to industries, financial sector is the key.

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Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

There are numerous tourist attractions in London, whereby there uniqueness are ever amazing.

One of the tourist places is Buckingham palace. Buckingham palace was built in 1837, a London residence which belongs to a Royal family since Victoria’s accession.

Another awesome place worth exhibiting is the British museum that is comprised of more than 13million artefacts couple with valuable objects from Assyria, china, Babylonia and other places.

Asides from these, we have great places like Big Ben and parliament, National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum. London has taken pride in all these wonderful places.


The diversification of athletics ranging from football to tennis has, many times, brought fame to London among its counterparts. Olympic Games were held in London in 1908, 1948 and of recent in 2012, making it seems as the most selected city in the history of modern Olympic.

Aside from this, The City has developed gainfully in line Football profession with many well-known teams, such as; Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Crystal Palace, West Ham United, Millwall etc.


Nightlife experience in London is often as lit as that of the daytime. The exhibition of various things that make life interesting and worth living appears during this period, such as; comedy night, chilling at bars, attending clubs and pubs.

Places like Mayfair, Soho, Shoreditch, Fitzrovia et cetera are embedded with best restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs and, which of course always fill up with crowd to have a glamorous life. Such a thrill of UK destinations.


It is of utmost importance to wrap it up that, London is the heart of United Kingdom’s economic stability. When it comes to the effective utilization of arts, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, professional services, commerce, research, tourism, transportation et cetera, London has what it takes!

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Discover The City of Sheffield in The UK: Much More Than Steel And Football

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Sheffield is the  seventh largest populated city in the United Kingdom with a fairly impressive population of about 518,000 people (approximated 2011 figures). It boasts of the Sheffield Walk Of Fame and the River Sheaf from which the name, Sheffield, is derived.


It earned its nickname ‘Steel City’ as a result of the discovery of steel in it. Prior to this period, Sheffield has played few significant roles in the history of the United Kingdom as a major manufacturer of metal works since the 12th century. Presence of rivers induced development of machinery to aid iron ore processing.

The discovery of steel production by Benjamin Huntsman induced population influx into the city making it famous for its Sheffield Plate. Although, it underwent a little decline in its industrial base; Today, it has emerged as a peaceful, developed cutlery, machinery and food processing metropolis northwest of London.

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Sheffield is governed by the Sheffield City Council, presided over by the Mayor of Sheffield. The city has a fully functional healthcare, educational, child care and social welfare support system. It is also one of the leading UK destinations for global tourists.

Landmarks and Tourist attractions

One of the most noticeable things about Sheffield is its large student population as a result of universities present in the city most notable of which is Sheffield University which ranks among top 100 in the world.

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The city lies in the valley of the river Don and its four tributaries: rivers Sheaf which runs through the city, Loxley, Porter’s Brook and the Riverlin. As much as 60% of the city is covered in green space and some 4 million trees with over 250 parks. The Peak District National Park, Sheffield Walk of Fame, Sheffield City Hall and the Dale Dike reservoir is also located there.


Sheffield has a stable economic base with some 250,000+ jobs with up to 65% engaged in full time jobs and the rest being part time jobs. Being an industrialised city, Jobs vacancies here is perfectly balanced with the city’s population.


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The city is home to the world’s oldest football club, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday. Both teams being proffessional football teams and fierce competitors for the Football League Championship. Both teams are the founder of the popular Premier League which takes place every year.

Amongst other sports and recreational activities engaged in are Rugby with Sheffield Eagles as its professional team, Ice hockey with Sheffield Steelers as its proffessional team and Snooker with the city being the venue if the World Snooker Championships.

Night life

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With a large student population, Sheffield’s night life seems to cater for the needs of diverse temperaments; introverted or extroverted. Bars such as Walkabout and Varsity on West Street stand out among all others.

There are lots to see in Sheffield and gigs are not left out, including famous ones like the Leadmill which is the oldest musical venue in the city, Corporation, O2Academy and the Plug to mention but a few. Eating out is not neglected as you can find ‘scream pubs’ in the city and other inexpensive pubs to eat out.

In conclusion, Sheffield is a great city with a privileged history perhaps not harvested enough by the outside world. Visitors do not tire at being amazed by its richness in industrialisation, education, and most noticeable of all, its eco system.

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Do You Enjoy The Bright Summer Day? Honolulu Beckons With Sights and Sounds of The Pacific

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Many people know Honolulu as the surf center of Hawaii, with its bustling beaches and exciting water bodies. There is no doubt that coming into a global destination like this requires adequate thought about how to move around. However, before we delve into all that, lets us highlight the famed tourist delights here:

Leading Attractions of Honolulu

The chief tourist attractions of Honolulu (or near here) are:

  • Diamond Head
  • USS Arizona Memorial
  • Bishop museum
  • Hanauma Bay
  • ‘lolani Palace
  • Honolulu zoo
  • Manoa Falls
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Famed Dormant Volcano

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Moving Around

The shuttle bus or Minibus services, it can be said, have heralded a novel change as far as traveling is concerned. There are several advantages which can be availed if you are booking Minibus or shuttle bus services for yourself. Go through the post in order to find out about them.

One of the major advantages of shuttle bus or Minibus services is that you can “book” them. Yes. “Booking” them prior to your journey means you are aware of the exact time when they are going to pick you up. However, the same cannot be guaranteed when it comes to public transport.

These shuttle buses have their sweet time of running and that does not necessarily have to coincide with yours. So there are major chances of you turning up late for the event as well. You can jolly well avoid these possible hassles by opting for a shuttle bus or rental minibuses.

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The Shuttle Plus

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A shuttle bus or Mini bus is generally eco-friendly which can give any traveler a nice feeling while traveler since he or she is totally aware of the fact that they are doing their bit for the environment as well by keeping several owner or rented cars off the road.

Rental Shuttle Buses or minibuses should be chosen also because they offer you completely customized traveling experience which a public bus would not really be able to offer you. You can look up the internet in order to find out about the different companies offering Rental Shuttle Buses and take your pick in accordance with your budget, preferences, and the reputation of the company.

Another major benefit offered by minibuses or Rental Shuttle Buses is complete safety while traveling. You can organize a corporate event or a wedding or for that matter a wine tasting event and want all your guests to be transported safely to the venue (on time) – without any one of them getting lost in the middle of the road. Go ahead and hire the Rental Shuttle Buses or minibuses in order to find out how they serve you in this regard!

 There is no reason to think that Rental Shuttle Buses are costly investments. As already mentioned above, there are a number of companies offering these minibuses and you can jolly well compare the price in order to settle for the most affordable deal.


There is no doubt that having a shuttle bus at your beck and call can be a delight especially if you are in a tour group. The convenience and calm ride cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Enjoy this quaint USA destination and Aloha!


Let’s Explore 7 Facts About Belfast, The Building Site of The Famed Titanic

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Belfast is a city on the banks of River Lagan on the East Coast if Ireland.  The city is the largest city in the Northern side of Ireland.  As at 2015, the population of Belfast was put at 333,871.


Belfast was established as a town in the 17th century by Sir Arthur Chichester.  Although,  the city was initially inhabited by the Scottish migrants and the protestant English during the time of plantation of Ulster.

The city has long been existing since the Bronze age. In fact,  a 5000-year-old henge,  The Giant’s Ring,  is located near the city.

In 1791, Society of United Irishmen was established in Belfast.  This followed the invitation of Theobald  Tone and Thomas Russell by Henry McCracken to a meeting.  The meeting centered on Time’s “Argument on behalf of the Catholics Ireland”.

In 1920 through 1922, Belfast became the capital city of Northern Ireland following the partitioning of the Island of Ireland.  Towards the end of the 19th century,  Belfast overtook Dublin as the largest Ireland city.

However, a bomb blast shook the city in the Second World War in 1914. The blast left about a thousand of people dead while tens of thousands were rendered homeless.


Like Aberdeen and Glasgow,  Belfast is governed by a City Council. The elected officials of Belfast City are the Lord Mayor of Belfast,  Deputy Lord Mayor and High Sheriff along 57 other councillors.

In the history of Belfast, Unionists lost the total control of Belfast City Council in 1997. This however birthed the opportunity for the Alliance Party if Northern Ireland to gain the power balance between Nationalists and Unionists.

 Landmarks and Tourist attractions

Belfast is the second most visited in the Island if Ireland and one of the most visited in the UK. It was recorded in 2008 that 7.1 million tourists visited Belfast. American travel guide book series published Belfast as the only UK destination in its Top 12 destinations in 2009.

The city is a home to The titanic Belfast. The massive edifice is attributed to the story of the Titanic and Belfast’s maritime history. Also in the city is the national Ulster museum in which a 2500-year-old mummy of the Egyptian Princess Takabuti is.  Other attractions include the Botanic gardens, St. Anne’s cathedral,  the Grand Opera house and Belfast castle.

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The Global Linen Hub

In the early 1800’s, Belfast took a port status. The city derived its nickname “Linenpolls” from the industrial revolution of linen production that shook the city in the 18’s.

After attaining the city status in 1888, Belfast became a major center for Irish linen production,  rope making and tobacco processing. Belfast became the capital city of Northern Ireland following the eventual partitioning of Ireland in 1922.


In the early 20th century, Belfast was listed as the largest producer of linen in the world. The city also houses the largest shipyard in the world, and it is the city where Titanic, the massive ship was built.


Belfast is a city actively involved in a variety of sporting activities. Some of which are Football,  traditional Irish Gaelic games,  Cricket and Hockey. About 59% of Belfast population participates in one or two sports.


The cutters wharf,  bars,  cafés and beer gardens always fill with excitement and entertainment in the evenings in the city.


The ancient city has a rich record in trading and entertainment. In today’s ever-changing world, you will certainly find this city to be cosmopolitan and inviting. Welcome to Belfast!

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If You Have The Time To Explore Asia This Summer, Here Are The Exotic Destinations You Need To Know

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Best Summer Destinations in Asia

All over the world, summer is usually the appropriate time to travel for holidays with the family. However, if you intend to spend this period in Asia, it is important to know holiday locations with favourable weather conditions during this season.

Often, the summer temperature can be extremely uncomfortable for visitors in various places within the Indian subcontinent and the southern region of Asia. However, for your delight, we have identified a few locations that are among the best summer destinations in Asia, which we can recommend for you to spend your holidays.

  1. Ubud, Bali
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Reputable global writers and artists make this town popular also; it is the cultural centre of Bali. Presently, there are exhibitions of beautiful works by artists in museums, which attracts visitors from different countries.  You can visualize the growth of civilization of the town over the last century from these paintings. Ubud is also rich in authentic local and artistic performances, which include puppets acts and the Kecak dance.

The local temples in the city perform their customary ceremonies and this is always an exciting experience. Engross yourself during your holidays in one of the meditations and yoga exercises at Ubud’s local Salas. The Monkey Forest has some of Indonesia’s lovely animals. Most of the cuisine at major restaurants are healthy and mouth-watering.

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  1. Lombok

This is a small and peaceful town. It has crystal-clear and warm beaches that have attracted global tourists and surfers and have made it a popular summer destination in Asia. Lombok has natural landscapes, deluxe forest-clad scenery, eye-catching volcanoes, and incredible dive spots. With these stunning and immersive features, this island is perfect for visitors who intend to exercise their muscles.

We also recommend that you participate in the two-day walk to the summit of Mt. Rinjani. There are striking geographies along the road to the mountain such as waterfalls and jungles. You also get to camp is an exquisite lodge. You cannot forget an experience in such a hurry just like any of the iconic UK destinations.

  1. Ladakh
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 One of the best summer destinations in Asia with its outstanding physical and cultural features. This elevated desert-like town has sky-high mountains, massive valleys, and a cavernous turquoise lake. Ladakh is also home to one of the long-lasting Buddhist religious societies in existence, which have several monasteries located on rocky landscapes.

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Apple and apricot orchards add beauty and style to the banks of beaches and rivers. Tourists can explore the hamlets and villages filled with cultural features when participating in hiking and walking or driving along the distant Shyok valley. Ladakh is also home to ancient dance festivals and is rich in tradition and culture.

  1. Sumba Island
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Famed as “The Forgotten Island”, majority of the inhabitants of Sumba Island still keep the practices of their ancestors. The primeval white sand beaches with bristle palm trees and crystal-clear waters make this Island an attractive and exceptional resort location.

You can choose to sit and enjoy the natural views or decide to embark on diverse exploratory activities. Snorkelling, hiking, walking, surfing, and cascading waterfalls are some of the exciting things you can undertake in Sumba Island.

  1. Hoi-an

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The bright yellow-washed streets and clear silk lanterns make this town one of the best summer destinations in Asia. It holds diverse ancient and historical features that attract the visits of people from all over the world.

There are adorable artifacts, textiles, and other attractive handicrafts along the streets and markets, which can be accessible by foot only. Restaurants in this city offer perfect local meals.

Last Words

Wherever you turn to among these summer destinations in Asia, you can be sure that a swell time awaits you. Fell free to share you experience with us below.

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Heading To West Coast USA ? These Are The Top 5 Beaches You Should Visit

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What are the 5 best beaches in the west coast USA?

The west coast of the USA is home to many stunning and iconic stretches beach venues that you will love. From the rock-strewn, rugged shores of Oregon and Washington to the glamour of Malibu, there’s plenty to enjoy.

The temperature of the west coast water is somewhat chillier than those at Texas or Florida. In Texas, some beaches require donning a wetsuit in mid-summer. We’re making this review as a local guide for beachgoers.

We’d be taking into account the beach temperature, available activities, sights to see and overall beauty of the beach. So, without further ado, here are the 5 best beaches in the west coast USA.

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1. Coronado Beach, San Diego

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With an average temperature of 66 degrees in July, Coronado beach stretches for miles. This pristine beach sand contains a mineral known as mica. Mica is a type of ore that has a quality that outshines the usual, or you can say they sparkle.

Located right at the front of the historic Hotel del Coronado were the scene “some like it hot” was filmed by Marilyn Monroe. This counts as one of the iconic USA destinations.

2. Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Cannon beach is another one of the 5 best beaches in the west coast USA, Oregon. They have an average temperature of 59 degrees in July.

Cannon beach is home to one of Oregon’s coast most recognizable attractions, Majestic Haystack Rock. You can walk to it at low tide. Swimming in this beach is not as frequent as natural exploration and long walks. There are diverse wildlife, tide pools, and resident puffins here to see.

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3. Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington

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Located on the Pacific Ocean in Washington and adjacent to Mora Campground at Olympic National Park. The Rialto beach shows the rough hewn beauty of the Pacific coast on full display. It has an average temperature of 59 degrees in July.

There are miles of seaside topography which offers a picturesque view of rock formations and sea stacks in the Pacific Ocean. The beach got its name after the popular magician Claude Alexander Conlin from the Rialto theatre chain. It is sure that you cannot have a dull moment when you are enjoying the great outdoors here.

4. Carmel Beach, Carmel-by-the-sea, California

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Some of the reasons you’d love Carmel beach is for its welcoming covers and pure white sands. According to National Geographic, this beach is one of the best beaches in the world.

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One of the unique features of Carmel beach you’d love is the availability of a cozy beach fire for your warmth . And if you’re at this beach hoping to surf, the view of the water is stunning. Volleyball is another recreational game organized on this beach every weekend for beachgoers.

5. La Jolla Cove, La Jolla, California

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Lastly, on our list of 5 best-rated beaches in the west coast USA, we have the La Jolla Cove. It has an average water temperature of 66 degrees in July. This beach is famous for its amusing and endearing colony of sea lions and seals. It is one of San Diego’s desirable spots for snorkelling, diving, and swimming. 


There is no doubt that there are several getaway spots in the West Coast to explore, these recommended beaches will provide every tourist some worthy memories to remember.

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