Destination USA; Tampa , Florida

The main points of interest in the city are listed below:

• Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
• Florida Aquarium
• Lowry Park Zoo
• Museum of Science and Industry
• Howl-O-Scream

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Destination USA: Welcome to Austin Austin, Texas; The Live Music Capital of the world. About the City Capital of the United States of Texas, Austin is located on the Colorado River. Being the 11th most populous city in US and 4th most populous city in Texas, it casts a huge impact on the higher education, media, research as well entertainment. Many fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple Inc, IBM, eBay, Oracle has their regional offices or head quarters in Austin. The place is home to some of the most adorable places to be visited. These include – • Longhorn Caverns, Explore the beautiful natural wonder • Congress Bridge, where thousands of Bats migrate • Blanton Museum of Art, with a collection from The USA, Europe and Latin America • Capital cruises, Boat tours of Lady Birds Lake and many more Why City Bus Shuttle Service? Travelling in this populous city, whether you are on a business trip or for leisure, can be a frenetic issue., considering the immensely buzzing activities in town. This is the reason that make Rental Shuttle buses the need of the hour. Whether you are planning for some corporate gathering, wedding transportation or a party bus, Rental Shuttle Bus services can prove to be the best help. Saving you from all the wastage of time that you would have to incur while roaming on local transportation, these mini buses can be your best friend for travelling in the entire city with ease. What makes these rental shuttle buses the perfect choice for any occasion? Mini buses can be a great way to ensure comfort and safety to your guests, no matter they are coming to the city for wedding, corporate event, or party, these buses can be the best mode of transportation for all these occasions. Here’s a look at the reasons why – •with these rental mini shuttle buses, the guests do not have to wait for the local transport which run only on specified times, rather they have a mini bus available for their travel as and when required. •These mini buses are eco-friendly; therefore lead a lesser impact on the environment as compared to the local transportation. •Shuttle buses on rent can prove to be a more convenient and safe option for the visitors coming to the city for the first time. It is all part of the frill and thrills of getting aboard shuttle buses in Austin .The serenity and the breath of fresh air is what you get by hiring mini shuttle bus services on rent.

Destination USA;The Allures of Colorado

Colorado Springs is one bustling municipality and this is also the most populous city of the El Paso County, Colorado, United States. The city has an approximate population of 439,886 and this score makes this city the second most populated city in Colorado. The location of the city is at the base of the Rocky Mountains and the Pikes Peak and this thing makes the city a popular travel destination. The tourism is the third biggest employers in this Pikes Peak area with around 13,000 jobs. Around 5 million tourists come to visit this city annually, contributing around $1.35 billion revenues. The Colorado Springs has around 55 tourist attractions including the United States Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, ANA Money Museum, Garden of the Gods, Old Colorado City, U.S. Olympic Training Center and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. If you are planning a trip to Colorado Springs, then you will need to hire the rental shuttle buses or the mini buses to ensure a hassle free trip to Colorado Springs including all the popular tourist destinations. While traveling in a new city, it is important that the tourists should only have a great time where they should not worry about the driving. So, by choosing the rental shuttle buses or the mini buses, the travelers will be able to accomplish all their traveling requirements without any hassles or without any worries. Besides, the expert chauffeurs of the reputable shuttle bus or mini bus rental services are thoroughly experienced, so they will be able to guide the tourists properly through every place and every tourist destination of the Colorado Springs. Besides, these chauffeurs of these rental shuttle buses or the mini buses are well equipped with the directions and the maps where you actually want to go. So, the chauffeurs of the shuttle bus or mini bus rental services will be able to offer the tourists the right directions and an efficient route. So, whether you are traveling to Colorado Springs for the first time, hiring these shuttle bus or mini bus rental services will be able to handle all your vehicle transportation requirements. The reservation of these rental shuttle buses or the mini buses are available with the personal project management service where the tourists will get the answers of all their queries and concerns right away while booking. So, book your best shuttle bus or mini bus rental services in Colorado Springs to ensure a great trip every time when you visit. Book Airasia

Destinations USA; The Thrills of Washington ,D.C The entire experience of roaming throughout the metro area of D.C and the surrounding areas can bring loads of fun. But planning a perfect trip and then driving can really be a hectic job, especially if you are traveling with a group. At the same time, it is not possible to enjoy the best road trip until you go out with a big group. So, the level of fun can be enhanced with the rental shuttle bus services or with the rental mini buses. Though it is not easy to experience total uniqueness in a road trip, but by hiring the rental shuttle buses or rental mini buses you can totally concentrate on the enjoyment of the trip as you don’t have to anticipate all the long awaited destinations or don’t have to concentrate on the roads. By hiring the rental shuttle bus or the rental mini bus services, you can only expect to get the best trip that can happen in a group. This is why you must opt for the rental shuttle buses or rental mini buses instead of choosing to drive down by yourself.

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The Big Five London Attractions

Top 5 Attractions in London


London is the wealth capital of the world, playing host to more billionaires than any other city on earth.

These are the top 5 attractions every visitor must see in London;


1. The British Museum

The British Museum at Great Russell Street in London was inaugurated in the year 1753 with a rare collection of human history that dates over 2 million years. The treasures that can be viewed here include Egyptian mummies, Pantheon sculptures and the Rosetta stone. It is on records that up to 6 million visitors come here annually.


2 The National Gallery

The National Gallery is home to an enormous collection of Western European artworks that span the 13th and 14th to the 19th centuries. Such masterpieces from Van Gogh, Renoir, Titian, Da Vinci and Constable are on display here. Entry to this gallery is free except during special exhibitions that may require special tickets.


3. National History Museum
The National History Museum at Cromwell Road in London is home to the exclusive collection of the biggest and rare species of mammals across the globe. Here you find on display, a spider that is 40 million years old, a life-sized blue whale  among others. Special exhibitions require tickets otherwise entry is free.


4. The Tate Modern

Right on the banks of the famed River Thames, is the Tate Modern. It has been reviewed as a repository of contemporary and modern artworks. Built with a unique shape, it houses restaurants that offer a picturesque view of the city of London. Special exhibitions require tickets here otherwise entry is free.


5. The London Eye

The London Eye is a prominent feature of the skyline of central London and stands majestically at the Westminster Bridge Road in London. It shares the space with the county Hall at the Riverside Building.

It is a landmark that visitors don’t want to miss out on here in London.

Cape Town :Paragliding Experience of a Lifetime

9 Facts You Must Know Before You Paraglide


    Anybody can paraglide, and you don’t have to be military personnel or an avid fitness bloke to fly midair. Most of these stunt skills are learned and acquired with training. The more you are exposed to know how it works the better you become at it.


    Many people own their paragliding apparatus so go with yours to event locations. Some venues like the table mountain or 12 Apostles in Cape Town are known paragliding sites where you can get help to start your journey. There are schools as well where you need to enroll to complete the flying module, get the needed support and skills.


    People assess the risk in paragliding in different ways, but many believe the level of risk is not more than that of driving a bike. A ratio of fatality of 4 /10,000 rides is commonly bandied. One dude gave a friendly advice; do not wait for the statistics that are tossed about otherwise you will remain a beginner forever.


    Some say why paraglide when you can go on the race cars or go biking?  They forget that every sport has got its fatality. Very much like driving a car, you may never know how thrilling it can be until you experience it. Sign up to be trained today and catch a buzz.


    You should not be fearful of a freefall because there is always a trailing edge that holds you on and keeps you steady even when airborne. Many who have learned paragliding lose their fear of heights and concentrate on honing their skills on how to steer and steady their flight while perfecting the all-important landing routine.


    Some people assume that you cannot fly the same set of wing at different places with different local conditions or wind strength. In Cape Town people paraglide with their personal equipment anywhere.  Previous instructional classes help to guide you in deciding the optimal conditions to fly in, and the skill set to apply.


    Thermic air is always less stable but helps you stay up there a lot longer just like high performing gliders normally do even though they are less stable but have been certified to be more responsive.


    Fellow pilots are a good resource when you fly, and it is not always advisable to fly alone; which is why it is good to have formal instruction so you can decode what to do when things go wrong. Unlike terrestrial sports, where some learn by trial and error, you don’t have a chance if you are paraglide. Some risks are better avoided than others at such fluid conditions when midair and in extreme conditions.



    Getting on the flying wing with a high-quality instructor is very advisable so as to get a good feedback on a beginner wing. The risk in piloting is less when you learn the ropes with a good instructor. It is advisable you get an instructor or attend a learning school before going for any flight.

Skiing Vacation in Aspen

Skiing Vacation in Aspen


Aspen is one of the most desired destinations for ski adventurers and nature lovers. It is available and worth visiting throughout the year for various adventure and fun activities. Activities like mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking, racing, skating and thanksgiving, etc. The busy days are mostly from February to end of April and sometimes till mid of May depending upon the weather. Ski vacations are regular here with visitors from all over the globe.


However, the best deals are available in the lovely evenings of November till fine mornings of April every season. Apart from the peak seasons the Aspen peaks are fun and keeps crowded 365 days a year. Nights are enjoyable at Aspen peaks and the tourists amuse themselves with the greatest adventure and fun of this fantastic place.


Access By Air

The destination can be reached through various sources like if you wish to go by air travel, you may opt to land at Aspen Country Airport or the Pitkin Country Airport.


These airports are serviced by the most renowned and well reputed Frontier Airport Services, Delta Airport Services and United Airport Services. You can choose one of the popular airlines which best suits to you and your budget.


The Eagle Country Airport and the Grand Junction Airport are also located closer to Aspen and are frequently having the flights from US airlines and American airlines. From the airport, a complimentary shuttle service will take you to the aspiring heights of the peaks of Aspen. 


Accommodation and Restaurants


Talking about the accommodation, preferably get your accommodation booked prior to flying for Aspen, especially in the peak activity season.

 A wide variety of the apartments and rooms is available with complete flexibility of range and rental information.


There are a number of hotels, restaurants and private apartment owners to provide you ultimate comfort and nicest feelings throughout your stay at Aspen.



About the topography of the great destination, Aspen is high elevated mountains with mix dry and green atmosphere and is considered as the most suitable for mountaineering and skiing. Special tracks are provided for mountain racing, mountain biking and many other adventures.

 As a visiting place, the Aspen has many great attractions for you and your family as a wide range of food outlets, entertainment, awesome weather, unmatched living facilities and fantastic experience of chair lift and car lifts.

The high elevated Aspen peaks, Aspen highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk, are found the best in providing attractive deals for skiing and its associated activities.


The Winter-skol, X-games Winter ESPN, Art Walk on 1st Friday, Snowman Celebrity of Aspen weekend, Aspen food and vine classic are the winter festivals which are celebrated with high zeal and zest. In Summer Festivals, Aspen summer words, Musical festival, Art festival, Ideas Festival, Jazz Snowman are the prominent events to enjoy.


Last Words

You don’t want to miss out on the pleasures of Aspen, so book your vacations today for a fulfilling rendezvous..