How to Draw up your list of Things to do in Dubai and Enjoy your Arabian Adventure

Dubai is the favorite destination for most tourists who travel to the Middle East from other parts of the world. It has transformed to a modern pearl on the list of the most visited places on earth. With such a reputation, deciding on things to do in Abu Dubai will be an uphill task for many people when you consider the many competing choices.

Understanding What to Do In Abu Dubai

To decide what to do in Dubai requires that you get acquainted with the landmarks and monuments. Like most destinations elsewhere in the world, there are Tour Operators that provide a fair assessment to enable you decide what your budget should be.

For most people, what to do in Abu Dubai begins from identifying how much they can spend during their visit. This is important because the concentration of such plethora of amusement parks, nascent waterparks, artificial islands and beachfronts in one location is an intriguing phenomenon. For example, the Burg Al Arab hotel is rated 7 stars along with the record of the tallest hotel building on earth. It has a roof top tennis court and expansive outdoor pools. Playing tennis here might good enough to be one of the things to do in Abu Dubai.

Modern facilities like state of the art malls, sports facilities, recreation centers, digital parks adorn the landscape. A view of the Arabian tradition is available across the country but prominent in places like the mosques and other ancient landmarks. At the country side, you can have access to the desert with the whistling wind, camels and sand dunes. Fitting all this into an outline of things to do in Abu Dubai will be more than a handful.

Abu Dubai Tourism Points

Top on the list of Abu Dubai tourism attractions is the Burj Khalifa with a reputation as the tallest building known to man and it has a total of 150 floors. It is located in the center of the city and is host to a number of offices and other edifice. The Dubai Museum is situated at the outlying part of the city and is host to the cultural artifacts of the people. It is easier to follow the culture of the people within this confine than out there in other parts of this highly urbanized emirate. A visit here will be a good inclusion when deciding on what to do in Abu Dubai.

Several Abu Dubai tourism magnets include the Dubai Aquarium which is located within the Dubai City Mall. Another notable spot is the Palm Jumeriah which is an enchanting Island and you might find it interesting as one of the things to do in Abu Dubai. It attracts a lot of visitors and is a favorite spot for many tourists.

Other top Abu Dubai tourism highlights include the Al Badia Green Hill, the Dubai Fountain, and Deira Island, the Dubai Creek and Waterfront, among others.

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